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A Look Back: First Class Fitment 2012: Official Photo Coverage

Armanda Zukic’s Honda CRZ all the way from Florida! She was awarded the furthest traveled award. Thank you for coming out Armanda! We had the pleasure of featuring this thing back in July. Go check it out if you haven’t already.

Another front end shot of Kam’s GS.

What can we say… the man loves Junction Produce!

Brett made the trek all the way down from Ontario in his LS on Auto Coutures.

What a lineup!

A full view of Tae’s RHD BB6 Prelude. It’s been so amazing to see this build become what it is today. Even after some bumps along the way it overcame all odds and for that this car gets an insane amount of props.

We introduced a brand new section to First Class Fitment this year, which was around the entrance of the venue. This allowed for more cars and vendors.

Another photo of Scotty’s G35x


CRV on Vossen Wheels… love it!

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  • Mikleiel

    Excellent event. Excellent coverage. Many thanks all around! BTW, can anyone I.D. the wheels on the white Jetta Wagon?

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