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…And Beyond: Scott Ramos’ Infiniti G35x

Rivaled by the ever-popular Nissan 350z, the Infiniti G35 quickly became the flagship sedan for the company’s North American sales. The X model, an AWD version of these sleek Japanese curves, was an unexpected treat when we received these pictures from Sean. We know the G35’s and 350z’s hold quite the following, and Scott Ramos has done quite a number on his Infiniti that we just couldn’t overlook.

The fun and games started for Scott with a simple set of coilovers to begin the slippery slope into the car scene. As you could imagine, or probably know, it all goes downhill from there, and appealing wheel fitment is something we all strive for, but only few ever achieve. For Scott, to accomplish this feat, a combination of air suspension and a stunning set of wheels was the way to go. This G35x pairs a slew of UV Air bag components as well as a SPC camber kit to get those gold-faced beauties to slide comfortably under the rear arches.

Fitment was crucial here, and in Scott’s case, the front end being able to lay subframe was a critical element to the car’s aesthetic. Wearing gold centers, and perfectly polished lips, Scott’s set of Rotiform TMB’s fit pretty damn snug while still pulling off a measurement of 19”x10.5”. The theme the car holds doesn’t stop on the outside though; Scott took a variety of influences into his decision-making for his daily driver.

We can assuredly say that the stance game is widespread across all sorts of car manufacturers, but there are only a few that can truly pull off the VIP look as well. Case in point, the G35x hides a beautiful red interior behind those mysterious curtains. Also neatly stored in the trunk is a 7-gallon, 8 port tank that takes care of the ride height situation.

Scott would like to thank Canibeat, Gengstout, Bagriders, Mike’s Auto Body, Rotiform, UV Air Suspension, Megan Racing, Sean Dougherty for the beautiful photo work, as well as Scott’s family and friends for the unrelenting support of such a fine example of Infiniti’s G35x. As the winter months close in, and enthusiasts hunker down during the winter months, rumor is out that Scott has already begun changing things up a bit for us next show season. We are excited to see what he rolls out of the garage in the coming months, so be sure to check back as there will definitely be a Part 2!

  • Zak DePiero

    Best set of photographs for a feature this website has seen, imo. MURDERED IT.

  • dwrek

    Those are my favorite wheels something about directional is awesome

  • Alex

    I actually have to disagree you, Zak. I feel most of the pictures were over edited to a point where the car almost looks fake, especially the third to last. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still better than anything I could take or make, but just my opinion.
    Overall, I love this G35x.

    • PatrickM

      The third to last is actually the cleanest of the set IMO. Very commercial photography oriented and well executed. Check all major automotive advertising work and you’ll see similar style.

      Nice work Sean

      • Nelson

        Completely disagree with you. Show me one professional commercial automotive photo where the vehicle has it’s windows one. That’s automotive photography 101.

        • David Monzingo

          I’m pretty sure Sean knows how to shoot a car. Check out his website to see for yourself. Also, broaden your seemingly narrow view of what a photograph SHOULD be, into what a photograph CAN be. It’s called creative freedom; if you fail to take ownership of what YOU do, you’re a sheep and are in the game (any game) for all the wrong reasons.

  • Youkilled Jdm

    wow is this Canibeat now? just slap air suspension and nice wheels? so sad…

    • cristian loza

      There is more to this car then just air suspension and nice wheels. It’s a quality build with character and we look for that in all of our features. Very well deserved with a fantastic photo set. No complaints here.

    • Drake


  • Carlos Villanueva

    This car is too dope and the photos are really clean. +1 for the Mass tag!

  • Alex Nagy

    Wow, MAD Props to Sean. These pictures are absolutely outstanding!!

  • Josh

    Wow. Don’t know the owner personally, however in person this car is cleaner than clean. Saw it at WekFest East and knew it was going to eventually get some lovin’. Best part is that hes from a place where 90% of the population goes nowhere and becomes nobodies. To see a car stand out from a place like the Dirty Riv even makes people from its dirty neighbor city New Beige happy. Best photos hands down on the site. Not an opinion but rather fact. This car is amazing and the photos could not have presented it better. Although, they still do not capture its full beauty. Props to the owner, Props to the photographer. Props to CaniBeat.

  • Scotty

    thanks everyone and thanks to everyone who help me and took time into this . and for most BIg thanks to the canibeat crew !!!

  • Josue

    I got the opportunity to see this car in person at a meet here in Worcester,Mass. in june and its a very clean car ! its rare too see anyone from Mass get any love ! Props

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