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Defying the Odds: Sam Mahmassani’s MAZDA3

When the law comes between an owner and his car, only the truly dedicated enthusiasts would go this far; to modify a car to be exactly how they want. Sam took a big step to overlook the law in order to get this Mazda looking just right.

bagged mazda (2)

bagged mazda (3)

bagged mazda (4)

Sam is just like any enthusiast. The mod-bug hits, and ideas for building an ideal car start rolling. With a form > function approach, getting the car dialed in was Sam’s first priority. His first obstacle came when searching for a company that provided a bag setup became a larger hassle than anticipated. Fortunately, Airrex came through with a kit that got Sam’s car just the way he wanted it.

bagged mazda (5)

bagged mazda (6)

bagged mazda (7)

Next came wheel fitment, and Sam had a great attention to detail in this department. You simply can’t go wrong with a classic set of BBS RS’s, fully polished, measuring in at 17”x9” all around. Needless to say, the pictures are worth a thousand words, but long story short; they fit absolutely perfect. Fitment didn’t come so easily though; Sam installed a good amount of necessary suspension components to get the car to sit how you see here. Alldayfab, Dominant Engineering, and Airrex all contributed by providing essential parts such as control arms as well as camber arms and plates just for this application.

bagged mazda (8)

bagged mazda (9)

bagged mazda (10)

With the attention this car received, we’re surprised that the cost of Sam’s dedication hadn’t come sooner. Only a short distance from his house, Sam’s dream came to a screeching halt. In Quebec, Canada, the authorities heavily enforce a list of laws known to the locals as “Tuner Laws”. One of those laws states that a vehicles suspension must not be modified. Well, as seen here, Sam’s Mazda is far from being unmodified. Unfortunately, after 6 months on air, the law caught up to Sam, and with an on-the-spot tow, and a hefty fine, this beautiful Mazda was forced to be returned to stock. We can only hope that Sam’s misfortune serves as fuel for him, as well as motivation for the rest of us to push the scene in a forward direction.

bagged mazda (11)

bagged mazda (12)

bagged mazda (13)

A very large thank you goes to Wingbert Chan at Memoryfab, Strasse Autowerks, Airsociety, Andy at Alldayfab and last but not least all of Sam’s friends and family for the constant support, without these people, this car would have not been possible!

bagged mazda (14)

bagged mazda (15)

bagged mazda (16)

  • jeremy

    Qc represent !

  • eh

    So wait, what are the laws against being low?
    Plenty of people pulling this off where I live

  • Cooper Smith

    What the hell? Leaving un answered questions on the table is definitely not what I had expected by the end of this article. What is the deal with the car?

  • john

    this is the worst, most open ended post i’ve ever read. The quality of pictures dwarfs the effort put into making this story readable. beginning, middle, end. plot, conclusion. basics.

    • john

      i retract my statement; thanks for explaining how the owner ran into problems! Laws like that don’t seem to have much education behind them.
      Great car, I have a friend with a 3 that is looking for inspiration.

  • Jay

    I’m a little lost….The article mentions the law and something happening, but what happened?
    Feel like there’s a piece missing, that should have been included.

  • Lalo

    in love NO LIE

  • BJ

    Just can’t bring myself to like a mazda 3 unless it’s a speed. A+ for working the platform though

  • hnic

    Well done sir! Good to see Montreal representing.

  • Jackson Bond

    I could be clueless, but why did he have to make it stock? Maybe I’m just lucky living In an aftermarket-friendly state

  • eric

    ummm…”his dream came to a screeching halt”?????? the law????? you never explain this…

    sick 3 tho, and great pics

  • eric

    Cool 3, nice pics too. How did the law come between him and the car tho?? And his dream came to a screeching halt? Uh…how?

  • PTAD1

    Best fitment I think I’ve seen in my life. On point, and the fitment is perfect in the front also, never see that anymore

  • felix gutierrez

    I don’t get it? Why has the car been returned to stock? What came to a screeching halt? And what did he do to get around the law? Am I missing something

  • David Monzingo

    Sorry for the confusion, but in accordance to Quebec, Canada, local authorities heavily enforce laws known to the locals as “Tuner Laws”. One of them being that a cars suspension may not be modified. As seen in the article, Sam’s Mazda is far from stock ride height and after 6 months, the law finally caught up to him. The consequences were an on-the-spot tow and a pretty large fine. Sorry for the confusion, hope that clears it up!

  • Alejandro

    The law states that that car must not touch the road in case of a flat tire. His car was deemed unsafe and it got towed. Since then the car returned to stock.

    Local hero.

  • Charley

    If he was bagged, couldn’t he just change the ride height to raise it up while driving? And just slam it to the ground when parked? I guess if all suspension mods are illegal, it doesn’t really matter. Here in Pennsylvania, it’s technically illegal to modify a car’s exhaust in ANY way.. but no one cares to enforce such a retarded law.

  • Richard

    Does anybody know what that long thing inside the windsheild is? or what the name of it is?

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