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ImportAlliance: Fall Meet 2012 (Nashville, TN)

Every year, car enthusiasts from all over the Midwest and East Coast make it a point to put Import Alliance Summer Meet in Nashville, Tennessee on their list of “must attend shows” of the year. It’s hard to find such a huge, comprehensive gathering of JDM, Euro, and Domestic vehicles anywhere else in the nation. Import Alliance’s Spring Meet (held in Atlanta) and Fall Meet (held in Nashville), however, are also creeping into those “must attend” lists as attendance has steadily grown for these events over the last few years and this Fall Meet was no different.

Although the attendance is a fraction of its Summer counterpart, the eclectic mixture of cars, styles, and attendees is still very much in tact. You can walk down any row of cars at LP Field’s multiple parking lots and see everything from an S14 drift car to an aired out Volkswagen or a 69 Camaro. With a closer knit atmosphere due to the smaller venue, the crowds found no problems bonding over a few burnouts, two-steps, and drifting as many cars left the show on Sunday in front of a captive audience crowding the sidewalks.

The morning lineup always has a beautiful backdrop of Downtown Nashville

NSX leading the way as enthusiasts flock in multitudes off I-40

To say this Datsun was pristine would be an understatement

MR2 basking in the morning sunlight

What an awesome way to get video coverage!

Shoutout to our friends at Klutch… great looking wheels!

Here’s something you don’t see often but would like to see more of…

Love the teal on red contrast in this EG hatch’s bay…

Root Beer S2000 on gold Work VS-XXs

Datsuns were out to impress this year!

Geoffrey McDonough’s Mk6 was looking stellar as usual…

Can’t go wrong with this combination

Fall colors and beautiful weather complimented downtown’s “Batman Building” nicely and made for a great turnout…

Anthony Smith’s VIP inspired Accord turned plenty of heads.

T-Rex’s making their way into the front lot.

Johnny De Luka worked into the wee hours to get his Prelude fitted on his new chrome Alphards for Fall Meet…

Eddie Laymoun’s slammed S2000 had a little difficulty making it into the vendor area… sucks to roll hard!

How can you not love a Mini on RS’s?

Captured these guys all playing hacky sack. Always fun times

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  • Dylan

    I feel like people are paying more and more attention to their engine bays. It’s a good look keeping it that clean.

  • jacob herrman

    great coverage, there were so many cars there i couldnt tell which lot i had walked thru, you def captured the best of the best and kept the rif raft out, quality pics my friend

  • Verb

    Those aren’t Classics on that silver STI. They look like CCW LM20. :)

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