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Nov 15, 2012

Photography By: Danny Rice

Words By: Danny Rice

ImportAlliance: Fall Meet 2012 (Nashville, TN)

import alliance coverage

If Import Alliance Fall Meet isn’t on your list yet, you’d better grab a pen and mark it down because there’s no better way to end show season than this…

Thanks again to Don and the IA staff for putting on another successful Fall Meet! Enjoy the rest of our coverage here on Canibeat.com!

Don’t make direct eye contact…

Always glad to see the Seen It! crew and their always impressive Ruckus’

Mk4 Supra on black CCWs.

These LM5’s were fitted quite well…. on a Fit.

One mean Z

Out in the streets they call it Murda

Track One S2000

Beautiful E28 with red interior

I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave


Work Meisters <3

Big crowds piled up to watch the Aerial, Track One S2000, and Acura NSX try out the Driving Skills course…

Copper Meisters look fantastic on that blue

Milon Sarkar’s Supra was dropping jaws throughout the show

Always a beautiful view from the pedestrian bridge

This Scion TC on white Rotiform TMB’s was impressive.

This was the first McLaren I’ve seen in person and same for most other attendees!

Some more Datsun love

Beautiful STI on CCW LM20s


Black and yellow

Jimmy Liming’s Miata hiding Bride Racing Seats and Takatas Harnesses behind his Gangnam Style sticker

Putting the “Class” in Classic…

Editor: Danny Rice