Simply Clean 4 pre meet coverage

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Simply Clean 4 Pre-Meet Hosted by CCW (Daytona, FL)

This past weekend I had the pleasure of flying down from Washington, DC to the sunshine state for Simply Clean 4 in Daytona. 2012 marked the fourth year the guys from Simply Clean have been putting on their event and the first year it has been held at Destination Daytona. Prior to this weekend I had never been to anything car related in Florida and I will say that it exceeded my expectations heavily. Dan and the guys over at Complete Custom Wheels (CCW) hosted this years pre-meet at their facility in Daytona and I made it a priority to be there while I was in town.

If you are involved in the automotive community you probably have heard of CCW or are just so used to seeing their wheels everywhere. Florida based, CCW is “dedicated to bringing exceptional products to market for the demanding enthusiast who values performance, above all else. CCW was founded with the intention of providing car enthusiasts with a way to get the most out of their car and not the most out of their wallet.” Wether you are building a drag racing beast or a show queen, CCW has the wheel for you.

simply clean pre meet (1)

Christian Williams’ MK4 Jetta on Fully Polished CCW LM5’s

simply clean pre meet (6)

Shawn David’s House of Kolor Brandywine Mk4 GTI. Rocking a set of Fully Polished LM5’s with gold ARP bolts, gold lug bolts, and custom gold leaf CCW center caps. This thing has one of the sexiest paint jobs I’ve ever laid eyes on. Photos do it no justice.

simply clean pre meet (2)

Front end shot

simply clean pre meet (35)

simply clean pre meet (3)

18″ Machined Clear LM20’s on Ryan Meloy’s Lexus GS300.

simply clean pre meet (47)

Christian Williams MK4 Jetta

simply clean pre meet (4)

simply clean pre meet (42)

Fully Polished LM5’s.. yum!

simply clean pre meet (5)

Jonathan DeHate’s Lapis Blue wrapped Mk3 Golf

simply clean pre meet (31)

Fully polished LM series Smoothies.. goodness!

simply clean pre meet (39)

simply clean pre meet (7)

A view from the inside looking out… the meet started at 7pm but people started rolling in as early as 5pm! CCW’s facility made for the perfect meet venue.

simply clean pre meet (8)

Sam Howard’s Audi Wagon of Team Solo. This thing has such an awesome audio system!

simply clean pre meet (9)

Paul Barney’s unique MK6. It’s subtle details make it stand out with rare OEM parts, direct from Germany.

simply clean pre meet (11)

simply clean pre meet (12)

When I said unique and subtle, notice the euro HID’s.

simply clean pre meet (37)

simply clean pre meet (49)

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