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Wallpaper Wednesday: Cyrus Wagner’s B6 A4

This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday showcases Cyrus Wagner’s B6 Audi A4 shot by the talented Anthony Sundell.



Hope you enjoy this week’s bundle of wallpapers! If you make it down to Simply Clean 4 this weekend, keep an eye out for a few of us Canibeat people rolling around!




  • Tim

    A4??…… only the S4, RS4 etc came with twin exhaust, sharkfin aerial etc??.. anyone can dump a car nowdays. the art is in stretch and Poke and wheels that are inkeeping or make a satatment. I have a Silver B6 of my own, this is nothing special im affraid it leaves me cold. Fantastic photography.!!

    • Eddie

      Incorrect, my B6 A4 came with a twin exhaust and shark fin aerial…. And the wheels in this feature are stretched… B6A4 pride.

    • Tyler

      you are clearly mistaken. I have seen this car before in person, and let me tell you, its definitely a one of a kind

  • ScottBeh

    This guy^ knows what he’s saying.

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