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2013 MORE THAN A CALENDAR by More Than More – $5 OFF!

Back by popular demand, the previously-named SDOBBINS Photography Calendar has transformed—with the help and addition of Anna Taylor and her photography—into something just a little bit more…the 2013 More Than A Calendar! Filled with a wide variety of some of the finest European cars we encountered this year and mixed with coverage of many shows that we attended in 2012, the 2013 calendar is the perfect way to bring in the new year and season!

We are excited to announce our involvement with this years 2013 More Than A Calendar and offer our fans a $5 discount!

After opening the 2013 More Than A Calendar and flipping through its photo-filled pages you’ll begin to realize this calendar is a little more than your garden variety car calendar. More Than More has teamed up with several Stateside shows and events for 2013, including our very own First Class Fitment presented by Canibeat, and created a product that not only decorates any wall with wonderful photographs of some of the community’s finest VWs and Audis, but also tracks events and helps you plan your 2013 show season!

It’s quite simple really…

On the back page of the calendar you’ll find a grid of 8 events, including New England Dustoff, Staggered, Southern Worthersee, Cult Classic, Vag Fair, Broke Down, the Gengstout Show, and First Class Fitment. In the center of the page is a small sticker sheet with instructions on how to sign up for our More Than More Newsletter to be kept in the loop on show dates being announced. When each show’s organizers announce their dates, we’ll send out a message to everyone on our list with information on the show (date, location, cost, etc) in addition to posting it on our official Facebook Page.

Peel the corresponding sticker up off the sticker sheet, find the date we’ve announced, and stick it on. The easy part is done, now you just need to ask your boss for the time off and plan your trip! And don’t forget to stop by the More Than More booth at the event!

But that’s not all! In addition to being able to track your favorite events using the sticker sheet and QR codes provided, you’ll also find a double-sided centerfold pull-out poster! On one side you’ll find Ali Ziaii’s super-rare Mk2 Duo rallyeing through the backcountry roads on West Virginia, photographed by Anna Taylor, and on the other you’ll find our darling friend and model, Emily Danger, posing in her Wheel-Whores US Burnout Shirt!

To purchase your 2013 More Than A Calendar today please visit the More Than More Store and enter our “MORETHANACANIBEAT” discount code good for $5 off the calendar!

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    We will try and have something for you guys this coming year ;)

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    pretty interesting he lives out east now. guess you can only steal so many ideas, and fuck only so many people over before you burn every possible bridge in the puget sound that you can. stay gone.

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