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Dec 31, 2012

Photography By: Marcus Cooke

Words By: Marcus Cooke

Blazing the Trail: Thuysi’s Infiniti G37 Coupe

G37 coupe stance

If you’ve been following Canibeat for anytime at all you know that many of the features I share here are Infiniti/Nissan builds.  As an Infiniti owner myself, I’ve gotten to know many in our community.  This time, I’m excited to share Thuysi’s (“2C”) 2008 Infiniti G37 Coupe, the third time I’ve shot his car.  2C has recently gotten new wheels, overhauled his interior, and gotten a new BBK.  I first met 2C in 2007 at a local monthly Thursday night meet hosted by Rare JDM.  Back then, he had an HKS Supercharged G35 Coupe.  In 2008 he picked up a brand new G37 Coupe and quickly started working on it when there weren’t many aftermarket options available for the new platform.  Around the same time he founded team Outcast and has been the President and leader of the team since day one.

G37 coupe (12)

One of the things I love about 2C’s car is that he modifies it to his own taste regardless of whatever anyone else in the G37 says about how their cars “should” be modified.  From day one he has been blazing the trail for aggressive fitment in the G37 community.  While there may be others who have lower offsets today, 2C was one of the very first to run offsets on this platform that many said would not fit, even with stretched tires and some negative camber.  2C recently worked with SSR to get a set of aggressive fitting MS3s, which given how they fit when he’s aired out, definitely makes you stop and take a look.  The fitment out back is dialed in to the point where the fender fits perfectly between the tire and lip of the wheels.  While the air suspension and wheel fitment are probably one of the first things you’ll notice about 2C’s ride, there is more to this build that is worth taking a close look at.

G37 coupe (11)

G37 coupe (10)

G37 coupe (9)

2C recently completely overhauled his interior.  He went to Infinite Auto Design and the outcome is an upgraded interior with a nice combination of leather, suede and diamond double stitching.  Pretty much every part of his interior was wrapped and replaced, from the floor carpet to the ceiling.  It’s so nice that during the shoot I took my shoes off when getting inside the car to photograph the interior!

G37 coupe (8)

G37 coupe (7)

In addition to the interior, Infinite also installed 2Cs audio, including his custom trunk setup.  The trunk includes custom fiberglass sub enclosures that include some cool freehand art work done by Infinite.  The trunk overall offers a clean display for 2Cs audio (subs and amp) and air suspension compressor tank.

G37 coupe (6)

G37 coupe (5)

2C’s exterior is set off by Zele-R full body kit.  He had it modified to include CF accents which are a detail that looks great when you see the car in person.  The kit has more aggressive styling than his previous body kit and definitely sets it apart from many of the other G37s you would see on the road that lean more towards the luxury end of luxury-sport.

G37 coupe (4)

G37 coupe (3)

Be sure to check out 2Cs mod list for a complete list of his modifications.  2C would like to shout out those who have supported his build: Falken Tires, SSR Wheels, Baus Auto, Infinite Auto Design, Corner 3 Garage, Universal Air Suspension, OC Infiniti, Team Outcast, and Marcus Cooke Photography.  I’m not sure what is up next for 2C but I can guarantee you that he will continue to blaze trails in the G37 community.

G37 coupe (2)

Thuysi’s Infiniti G37 Coupe


  • Baus Auto Zele-R Full Body Kit
  • Zele front custom carbon lip
  • Hikkatadori Custom Trunk
  • Carbon Roof Spoiler


  • Custom Interior with Katzkin Products by Infinite Auto Design
  • Custom Audio w/ Image Dynamics Audio


  • Fujita Intake
  • Full Status Elite Carbon Covers
  • Custom Overflow tank
  • Samco Hoses
  • Password JDM Bolts
  • ARC Oil and Radiator Caps
  • GT-Spec Strut Bar
  • GTM Test Pipes
  • Ark Exhaust


  • K-Sport Coilovers (Shock Only)
  • Universal Air Ride Suspension
  • SPC Full Camber Kit
  • Full Hotchkis Sway Bars
  • Full Gt-Spec Bracing


  • SSR MS3 20×9.5 – 11 20×10.5 +6
  • Falken 452 Tires 225/35/20 & 245/35/20


  • Wilwood Big Brake Kit (6pot 14”/ 4Pot 13”)

Editor: cristian loza