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Dec 3, 2012

Photography By: Viet Dang, Ethan Watson

Words By: Ethan Watson

Classix: 3 Unique Takes on the Volkswagen Mk6


The Mk6. When Volkswagen unveiled it, I must admit, I was stoked. The front was aggressive and angry; the side, sleek and smooth. The back was just as evil looking as the front.  There is no question why the new Mk7 design is so similar to the Mk6 chassis.




The Volkswagen Mk6 did have a hiccup however, when Volkswagen announced they would not be producing the sought after 2-door R32. Instead, in 2012, they released the Golf R.



Luke Williams didn’t see the downside, though. It was perfect for what he wanted. “[It was] a fun daily driver. Practical with the four doors and all wheel drive, but still have the ability to rip around a bit.” Luke was out of the car game for a while though. The years had passed since building his 2.3 stroker GT35r Evo VIII, and while he planned to buy the Golf R, he did not plan to modify anything.


Three weeks into owning his new Golf R however, Luke already had it bagged and putting more power down with a stage 1 tune. A conversation with Bluewater Performance in Denver Colorado happened soon after the airride install about creating an APR Stage 3 kit for the Golf R. Denver streets soon welcomed the first ever Stage 3, Golf R.


Meanwhile, Andrew Byrd drove his new 2011 Mk6 GTI home. He did plan to change up his VW however. After owning a slammed Mazda Speed3 on coils, Andrew had no desire to stay static. After bagging his Mk6, He moved onto wheels and exterior changes. Andrew’s constantly changing something up with his GTI. It has already seen 2 different grilles and 3 sets of wheels, and there’s a good chance this Mk6 will keep seeing change.





As Andrew test fit his LM’s, Paul Barney waited to hear back about his Rotiform BLQs.



Paul Barney is a name to remember, because it’s a name that will come up much more. He is truly passionate when it comes to the euro automotive scene and influences its growth. If you’re into the Euro automotive scene stateside, keep your ears open for Euro Tripper, a car show Paul Barney’s organizing in south Florida in February 2013.



And why does any of that matter? Because Paul Barney’s 2010 Mk6 GTI is one that really has to be seen in person. The amount of time spent hunting down rare OEM parts is insane. Every business trip over-seas to Germany had a detour to find something rare for Paul’s VW. It’s tough to fathom exactly how many rare OEM parts this GTI really has. Without a doubt, Paul’s Mk6 has a mod list worth looking over.  When rarity items are put together with the classic badgeless front, notch filled, and hatch fully shaved, it cleans up the Mk6 even more.


It doesn’t just stop at exterior though. The interior also sits on another level of custom and OEM goodness.





Lets slow down a bit though, how did we just go from Colorado to Florida? Well, Luke is a Florida native. So when he announced he would be headed home, it was a no brainer to get the 3 friends together and line up a shoot with Wreckless Productions, or Viet Dang. It’s not every day you get this amount of rare, unique and talented people together.



As the busy day of shooting came to an end, the 3 said their goodbyes, and headed their separate ways. A sense of pure bliss hung around however. The satisfaction of knowing that though the hours of searching down parts, getting the perfect fitment and changing subtleties for huge outcomes pays off and may earn respect, it’s the friends that truly makes builds and get-togethers classic.



Luke William’s 2012 Volkswagen Golf R


  • OEM Euro R LED Taillights
  • Color Matched Side Markers


  • OEM Euro Golf R Seats

Engine & Transmission

  • APR FSI Stage 3 kit by Bluewater Performance
  • United Motorsports Stage 3 Tune
  • APR High Pressure Fuel Pump
  • APR Front Mount Intercooler
  • APR RSC TBE |Exhaust|W/ Custom Bluewater Performance Downpipe
  • Integrated Engineering Polished Valve Cover
  • IE/Bluewater Performance Catch Can


  • OZ Futuras, 18×9.5 Front
  • OZ Futuras, 18×10 Rear
  • Airlift Slam XL Fronts
  • RE-5 Rear Bags W/ Modified D-cups
  • Autopilot V2 Controller

Andrew Byrd’s 2011 Volkswagen GTI


  • Badgless OEM Honeycomb
  • Hood Notch Filled
  • Tinted OEM Euro LED Tailights


  • NewSouth Column POD Boost Gauge
  • Audi S3 Short Shifter

Engine & Transmission

  • BSH Race Intake
  • APR RSC Catted Turboback
  • Custom Exhaust
  • APR Fully Loaded Stage 2 ECU


  • United Grey (OEM Matched) BBS LMs
  • 17×8 Fronts | 17×9 Rears
  • Authentic F1 Edition Red Centers
  • Airlift Slam XL Front Struts
  • Airlift Slam Series Tapered Rears
  • Accuair Switchspeed Management
  • Twin Viair 400cc Compressors


Paul Barney’s 2010 Volkswagen GTI


  • OEM 35th Anniversary Edition Front Bumper
  • OEM 35th Anniversary Edition Lower Splitter
  • OEM Golf R Side Skirts
  • OEM Golf R Black Xenon Headlight Housing
  • OEM Golf R LED Tailights
  • Badgeless Front Grill
  • Filled Hood Notch
  • Shaved Side Markers
  • Shaved Headlight Washer
  • Shaved Rear Bumper Reflectors
  • Shaved Rear Hatch Emblem
  • Painted Roof Satin Black
  • Painted Mirror Caps Satin Black

Engine & Transmission

  • APR KO4 Turbo Kit
  • APR Stage 1 and 2 CAI
  • RAI Turboback SS Exhaust System
  • Forge Twincooler


  • OEM Golf R Euro Seats
  • Custom Headliner Wrapped in Alcantera
  • Custom Door Panels Wrapped in Alcantera
  • Custom Arm Rest Wrapped in Alcantera
  • Custom Shift Boot Wrapped in Alcantera
  • Custom Rear Seat Delete / False Floor Combo
  • OEM Steering Wheel Custom Wrapped in Alcantera
  • OEM Dash Cubby


  • Rotiform 3pc Forged BLQs 18×8.5 Front and Rears Custom Polish and Powder Coat
  • Cast Rotiform BLQ Spare 18×8.5 Polished and Powder Coat Matched
  • Brembo 6 pot Front BBK
  • Brembo 4 pot Rear BBK
  • Brembo e-brake Caliper
  • Airlift XL Front Struts W/ Dorbritz Sway Bar Brackets
  • SS-5 Rear Air Bags W/ Dorbritz D-Cups
  • 5 Gallon Skinny Tank Chromed
  • Accuair E-Level Airride Management
  • Viair 444cc Compressor
  • Hardlined

Editor: Ethan Watson