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Dec 11, 2012

Photography By: Jess Kang

Words By: Jess Kang

Done Right the First Time: Cody Gronbach’s 2008 Scion tC


In the culture of modified cars, there is a preconceived notion that more is better. Cody Gronbach from Sayville, New York shows us that simple and clean can be just as satisfying.

Go to any car enthusiasts and most likely, they will tell you stories about their very first vehicle. It is something to be remembered, as it likely holds the foundation of where their passion stemmed from, and how it has made them the enthusiast that they are today. Several cars later, we find ourselves submerged into this lifestyle of customization with the knowledge and the tools to achieve the look, the purpose, and the pride of our cars. However, for Cody Gronbach residing along the shorelines of Sayville, Long Island, New York, his first car became his platform and he got it down just right.

Fresh out of high school, Cody began his search for a reliable and fairly inexpensive car. To avoid problems, he stayed away from the used section in the ads and looked towards a specific price range that kept him within his budget. Shortly after his search, Cody took a drive down to a nearby dealership and left holding the keys to his new 2008 Scion tC.

A year passed by and the tC stayed the way it came. Slowly and steadily, Cody began to start some beginner’s personalization to his car but like many of us, he didn’t always have a set goal in mind. He painted his stock wheels and calipers and tinted his taillights: the usual starter’s list of modifications. After he obtained a better paying job, Cody took his visualization to the next level.

With the help of his experienced friends and members over the forums, Cody researched a set of wheels he had personally never seen on a tC. After determining the custom fit, he chose the timeless and classic CCW LM5′s 17×10 +25 with 3″ lips in the front, 17×11 +13 with 5″ lips in the rear, and wrapped them in Falken FK452 tires. For suspension, Cody opted for BC Racing BR coilovers with extreme low springs and custom spring rates, 10kg in the front and 12kg in the rear. To further the design of his fitment, H&R camber bolts hold his camber at -1.8 in the front while Hotchkis adjustable camber arms set his rear camber at -5.5.

With the tC being his daily and only car, Cody was able to find a balance with both his fitment and his engine work. Under the hood lays a Turbonetics t3/t4 50 trim turbo and a Turbonetics IC piping powdercoated in clean white all supported by 630cc injectors and tuned for 8psi.

During the process of working this car to it’s final stages, a late night accident thankfully left Cody unharmed, but his tC was not so lucky. Completely totaled, the car was en route to a junkyard when Cody realized he could not part with it just yet. He worked and paid out of pocket for the repairing of the extensive damages. During this hapless time of overhaul, it was Cody’s friends, as well as the car community, that helped him keep his spirits alive. “Everybody knows each other in this community and it’s definitely unique and something I’m glad to be a part of. To be able to meet other people and help each other along gives the community a nice sense of family.”

We all keep our very first car in remembrance as it is often the root to what we live and breathe today. Even with the tC being Cody’s very first canvas, it is undeniably one of the cleanest tC’s on Long Island, and his dedication and passion for this lifestyle is eminent. With more knowledge to gain, Cody is eager to continue his vision with his car and further it’s limits while maintaining it’s abiding simplicity and clean design.

Cody Gronbach’s 2008 Scion tC


  • Invidia S-pipe
  • Skunk2 Cat-back Exhaust
  • Turbonetics T3/t4 50 Trim Turbo
  • Turbonetics Ic Piping Powdercoated White
  • 630cc Injectors
  • Aem-FIC
  • Tuned For 8psi
  • B&M Transmission Cooler


  • BC Racing Br Coilovers With Extreme Low Springs And Custom Spring Rates (10kg Front And 12kg Rear)
  • H&r 27mm Rear Sway Bar
  • Greddy Front Strut Bar
  • H&r Camber Bolts (front At -1.8*)
  • Hotchkis Adjustable Rear Camber Arms (rear At -5.5*)


  • CCW Lm5 17x10f +25 3″ Lips, 17x11r +13 5″ Lips
  • Falken Fk452 (215/40/17 Front, 235/40/17 Rear)


  • Sport Pedal Covers
  • Razo Shift Knob
  • A-pillar Triple Gauge Pod With Glowshift Black 7 Series Boost, Oil Pressure, And Afr, Wood Floor Trunk And Rear Seat Foot Mats


  • Nia Fiberglass Eyelids
  • VRD Grills
  • Stoptech Slotted Rotors With Hawk Hps Pads
  • Dezod Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
  • VRD Full-third Brakelight
  • Weather-tech Rain Guards
  • S2000 Antenna
  • 5 Axis Front Lip

Editor: cristian loza