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Homecoming: Gene’s 370Z Transformer

Here at Canibeat, we take great pleasure in watching cars develop from bare shells to show stoppers.  From motor swaps to pulled fenders to custom interiors, it’s a distinct joy to follow builds and eventually feature these cars we’ve grown to love.  Most cars, however, don’t stay in one state for very long these days and as a result, we love bringing back our “alums” for a Homecoming of sorts and putting their hard work and new modifications back on our homepage for your visual pleasure.

widebody 370Z (9)

One of my personal favorites from Nov 2011 is back up on display today: Gene’s stunning 370Z.  This blown, busty, and beautiful Nissan is a visual manifestation of the owner’s dedication to making his mark in not only the Z world but on the scene as a whole.

widebody 370Z (10)


widebody 370Z (8)

I didn’t think it was possible to improve on perfection but Gene and Zandro left us with our jaws on the keyboard when we saw the shots for the first time. We had to double check to make sure it was even the same car. The aesthetic upgrades were enough for us to believe it was a completely different car. When we featured it originally, Gene was rocking a Nismo S-Tune Bodykit. Front Lip, Sideskirts, Rear Valence and it looked aggressive yet subtle. Now, the Z is sporting an authentic Powerhouse Amuse Full Vestitio Bodykit with one off custom carbon fiber inlays in front and rear bumpers and center wing section. Needless to say, the kit looks about as natural as Adriana Lima in lingerie and just as breath-taking.


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Wheels and suspension are as important to a successful build as cookies and milk are to Santa delivering your car parts under the tree. Gene loved his ride height for a while (the height in his last article) but he always thought it could go down ¾ of an inch further. The only problem was something many of us can relate to: terrible urban roads (he lives in Chicago) and a steep driveway. He loved his KW-V3’s but opted for a mixture of function and form with the recent installation of a VRH Cup kit by Umbrella Auto design. These allow him to lower the ride height to where he wants but is able to raise the car at the push of a button without sacrificing the function of coilovers. Can you say “next level”? When paired with his Work HS203’s (20×9.5 et+6 & 20×10.5 et-12), I’d dare to say this is a match made in Function/Form Heaven.

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widebody 370Z (3)

widebody 370Z (2)

Gene, like many of us, consider his car an ongoing project. He could’ve been satisfied with how it sat in November of last year but with his desire to be different and mod his car with quality, functional parts, we all knew he couldn’t leave it alone just like we can’t leave our own projects alone. Looking at his first feature then the feature before you today shows a DRASTIC change that couldn’t be any more impressive. And although his winter and future plans may seem modest on the surface (upgraded supercharger, Recaro seats, etc), my favorite part of his plan has to be when he stated:

“…but more than anything, just drive the hell out of it every chance I get.”

widebody 370Z (1)

widebody 370Z

Gene’s 2009 Nissan 370Z 6MT Sport Package




  • Authentic Powerhouse Amuse Full Vestitio Bodykit with one off custom Carbon Fiber inlays in front and rear bumpers and center wing section.
  • Custom Blacked out Headlights with LED strip
  • Nissan JDM Rear Foglight


Engine & Transmission


  • GTM Supercharger Kit, Rotrex C38 Supercharger @ 8lbs boost, ~400rwhp/340tq
  • Competition Clutch Stage 3 Semi Ceramic Clutch
  • Setrab Oil Coolers for SC Oil and Engine Oil
  • Fast Intentions Resonated Test Pipes
  • MXP True Dual Exhaust
  • Password:JDM Carbon Fiber Engine Compartment covers
  • Password:JDM Carbon Fiber Cooling Plate
  • Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
  • Custom Hood Prop/Dampers
  • ARC Radiator Cap






  • HKS Camp2 Engine Monitoring System with Boost and Oil Pressure add on gauges, displayed on HeadUnit
  • Kenwood DNX7160 Head Unit with Nav, DVD, Ipod, Bluetooth
  • JL Audio HD900/5 Amp
  • JL Audio XR650-CSi Components
  • JL Audio 13TW5 Sub
  • Custom Spare Tire Sub enclosure by Wicked CAS
  • Beltronics RX65 with Blendmount and Invisicord setup.
  • Tommy Kaira Hebi Bebi Shift knob.
  • Nardi Challenge Steering wheel
  • Works Bell Hub and Rapfix Quick Release






  • Work HS203 20×9.5 +6 20×10.5 -12 Full Reverse lip in Machining Silver
  • Yokohama S Drives 225/35 and 255/35
  • KW V3 Coilovers
  • Umbrella VRH Cup Kit (Front Only)
  • Black Chrome OEM Front Strut Bar.
  • SPC Rear Camber arms.
  • Tanabe Front and Rear Sway Bars
  • Tanabe Chassis Underbrace
  • Racing Brake 2 Piece rotors, Front and Rear
  • Project Kics R40 Neo Chrome lugs



  • Josh

    I’m all for photographers trying to make dramatic lighting, but you can’t really even see the car.

    • cristian loza

      It’s a love/hate thing but I think it was pulled off excellently in this set. We try not to run night shots or “dramatic lighting” sets but this was an exception (for good reasons).

  • oscar

    I agree, the lighting is too dark. Anyway, I thought this Z looked much better before, it was one of my favorites in fact. Not a fan of the new body kit, or the wheel choice.

  • Mitch

    I agree with you Josh. Some of these images are very dark, and some are lacking detail with the cars body. I like to see the little things.

  • James

    I like it, lot’s of creativity here.

  • Jacob

    Good creative idea, just the wrong car color for the set. A lighter color car would be perfect for this kind of lighting, but otherwise, I like it.

  • nattydread

    very elegant 370z like the rims and im not really a big fan of the 370z

  • Johnny

    Love the car but dont like these pictures. Like everyone else said too dark.

  • Jhoff

    How do I earn this amount of money?

  • Derek

    I think these shots are amazing! They bring out the car’s lines nicely. Those with any creativity will appreciate this. Zandro’s shots really bring out the best lines of Gene’s beautiful ride.

  • Bobby R.

    Sweet background. Not to mention the car is Crazy.

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