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Sponsor Introduction: Bag Riders

Blogs, like Canibeat, face a unique set of challenges when it comes to keeping our “doors” open. Not only do we have serious expenses when it comes to the website, we also have to front a large amount of capital for merchandise, show appearances, and hosting our own shows. Most blogs are primarily dependent on merchandise sales but some can’t clear expenses that way. We have the unique opportunity with a large audience to offer opportunities for advertising and sponsorship with companies who want to partner with us. Although this is a business transaction and fiscal agreement, we often find ourselves becoming very good friends with these sponsors, as both of us are part of the same scene and share a deep passion for cars. Here at Canibeat, we have some of the finest and most well-known companies in the industry partnered up with us and our newest addition to the Canibeat Sponsorship Family is no different!

…And Beyond: Scott Ramos’ Infiniti G35x

New beginnings: James Osborn’s 2002 Audi A6 Allroad

If you haven’t heard the name “Bag Riders”, you should hire a bulldozer to help move the boulder you’ve been living under. Founded July of 2009 in South Burlington, Vermont, Bag Riders is a Master Dealer for reputable companies such as Air Lift, Bag Yard, and Accuair and provides car enthusiasts from all different scenes (Euro, JDM, etc…) with customizable kit options as well as a plethora of individual components for any air setup your heart desires. Not only do you have multiple options for management, you can also choose what type of tank, air line size, and compressors you want among many other choices. What sets Bag Riders apart, aside from their amazing customer service, competitive prices and large inventory, is the fact that their staff is made of people who are as passionate about the scene as you are. It’s a company BY enthusiasts FOR enthusiasts.

A Lady’s Touch: Erin Allard’s Bagged WRX

It’s with great pleasure and anticipation that we would like to introduce Bag Riders as our newest Sponsorship Partner. We look forward to getting to know Will and his staff a lot better as our companies work together and bring you, our fans, quality content AND products!

Keyword Quality: Darren Balico’s Candy Colored xB where East Meets West

Style .:Refined: Pat Shaughnessy’s MKIV R32 Gets a Subtle Refresh

Hit up Bag Riders for ALL your air ride needs.

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