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Wallpaper Wednesday : Ahmad’s S2000 & Sean’s 335i

It’s not every Wallpaper Wednesday we bring you two different subjects…

But when we do, we hope you enjoy them!

Here’s Ahmad’s S2000 on Work Equips shot by Emanuel Simpson.

If you made it out to Simply Clean 4 in Florida you may have seen this. It’s always nice to see a cleaned up and classy JDM car with great fitment. When you throw that combo together with some clean shots, you’re bound to get some attention.


Watson Lu’s rig shot of Sean’s stellar BMW 335i. It’s not common for us to post up two different shots of two different subjects from two different photographers, but this is just too good to not share.

Enjoy and I hope you have a great rest of the week! Be sure to check out next week’s Wallpaper Wednesday!

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