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Dec 26, 2012

Photography By: Canibeat Crew

Wallpaper Wednesday : Holiday Edition!


This week is a bit different than most. We brought together a collection of both recent and favorite shots from our staff photographers to share with you as wallpapers!  So without further adieu here is the roll call collection!

Zandro Zafra

John Zhang

Marcus Cooke

Quan Duong

Paul Arthur

Matt Magnino

Matt Best

Jordan Donnelly

Jess Kang

Jared Houston

Ethan Watson

Derek Wheeler

Brendan Lester

Anthony Lezada

Anthony Sundell

Andy Carter

Alex Bednarik

Viet Dang

For all of those with fashionable iPhones, here are some new backgrounds!

Hopefully you had a safe and wonderful holiday! Wish you a great rest of the week and be sure to check back next Wednesday for new wallpapers!


Editor: Ethan Watson