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Jan 9, 2013

Photography By: Cory Elder

Words By: Mike Meszaros

Built To Slide: Khashaud Parsan’s Nissan 240sx


A lot of cars in the “scene” these days strive for pure function over form. No one really wants to throw expensive wheels, suspension, and lip kits on their car just to thrash it around and ruin what they paid for… that is, until you take a look at the We Drift Crew from Melbourne, Florida. They have been cranking out purpose-built rides for years and their own resident Hot Boi, Khashaud Parsan (aka Camel Style), makes sure to keep the status quo in check. Camel’s 1993 240sx was built with performance in mind and it shows. When looking at this beautiful Nissan, you can instantly tell the car was built to be aggressive, unique and, most of all, proven on the drift track. As an old friend to the car game, Camel has built a few cars and having dabbled in the Nissan scene previously, he knew what he wanted to do.

In years past, Khashaud had built a Silvia that he used on the drift course; putting it through wall taps, tight corners, and trading paint with other cars was something he simply loved to do. Heart break came soon, however, as the little Nissan’s engine leaned out one day and left Khashaud on the side lines. The Silvia was returned to the We Drift shop and it was business as usual until one fateful day. Khashaud and well know mad-man in the scene, Marc Neron, were working on a customer’s 240sx when they discovered a twice welded frame and shady work. After a quick discussion with the owner and a little cash exchange later, Camel said goodbye to his blown up, stripped Silvia shell and hello to a ruined body loaded with a ton of parts! Another small transaction (Sixty bucks!) and soon, a fresh 240sx hatch shell was in Camel’s hands……errrr hooves?……errrr whatever the hell camels walk on.

Five months would be all it took for Parsan to build this amazing car. At its core, it’s a Nissan SR20DET with a S15 dual ball-bearing turbo stuffing air into the engine. The outside of the car is graced with a D-Maxx hood, a Monkey Magic body kit, and a set of B-Magic Widened quarter panels to swallow the massive wheels that adorn the four corners of the car. What wheels are they? A set of 17×9.5 +6 and 17×12.5 +0 Work Equips finished in a sinister black which help complete the car, and yes, he does use them to slide on. The parts list on this 240sx goes on for quite a while but the most unique aspect has to be the paint. Marc Neron, along with his dad, Al, have been doing paint and body work for years and for the spectator’s eyes, they always try and pull something special out for their fleet of Nissan drift cars. The color for Camel’s car was nothing short of perfect, using PPG Magenta to Gold Harlequin paint. Seeing this car in person is a really treat with such a simply amazing color scheme!

The We Drift crew has been simply blowing our minds with each ride they turn out of their shop and Camel’s car is no different. He took the time to let us know he’d like to thank Marc, Al, and his We Drift family as well as his dad for teaching him what he knows today. We look forward to seeing more from Camel and all the We Drift guys in the future!

Khashaud Parsan’s Nissan 240sx


  • D-max Hood
  • Monkey Magic Kit
  • B-magic Wides
  • Ppg Magenta To Gold Harlequin Paint


  • Bride Seat
  • Buddy Club Rail
  • Autometer Gauges
  • Greddy Turbo Timer
  • Painted Floors
  • Cracked Ass Dash
  • Some Door Panels And No Interior
  • No A/c Boxes
  • No Sound Dampining
  • Some Red Glitter Steering Wheel


  • Work Equips 17×9.5 +6 17×12.5 +0 Battles 17×9.5 +15
  • Emusa Front Coilovers And Godspeed Rears
  • Crossed Drilled Slotted Rotor
  • Stock Brakes And 5lug Conversion
  • Neo Chrome Lug Nuts
  • Steel Braided Brake Lines
  • Solid Aluminum Subframe Bushings
  • Welded Diff.
  • Complete Godspeed Adj. Links Front And Rear
  • Megan Front Tension Link Brace


  • Stock Sr20det
  • S15 Dual Ball Bearing T28 Upgrade
  • Tubular Manifold
  • Screamer Dump
  • Steel Braided Turbo Lines
  • Polyurethane Mounts
  • Fmic Kit
  • Godspeed Radiator
  • 3inch Straight Back
  • Kei Office Ecu
  • Walbro 255

Editor: mike meszaros