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CrispyClean: The Unexpected Rolling Night in Bangkok, Thailand (Video)

This year at Canibeat, we really want to bring you guys more content from our friends overseas. CrispyClean hails from Bangkok, Thailand and show us what they have to offer from their side of the world. Like every crew, they came from humble beginnings as a group of friends who love cars and enjoy customizing them. They started getting known around their scene for giving their cars distinctive personalities and developing one of a kind cars.

Sometimes the best footage is captured when it’s completely unexpected. After having a group dinner, which included talking all things cars, the crew was out and about for a night out on the town cruising the Bangkok Express Way. Say hello to Momm (Volvo V50), Nut (Honda Integra DC5), X (Proton Neo), Win (Black Mitsubishi Lancer EX), Benz (Gray Mitsubishi Lancer EX), Bixz (Honda Accord), Jen (Honda Jazz) and Aun (Blue Mitsubishi Lancer EX)… a crew that truly is CrispyClean.

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