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Hopes and Dreams: Henry Lin’s 2008 Lexus IS250 (Part 1)

There are moments in our lives where we find ourselves trapped in a haze, dreaming of a goal that seems so far out of reach. And when you open your eyes, you realize that you couldn’t be any further from the vision you so desperately want in front of you. Henry Lin grew up in a small town in Burma country in South Asia, geographically located next to Thailand. With its harsh weathers and equally rough roads, trucks and SUVs ruled the course, and often the trails as you might find them to be. Coming from an area where cars were the last commodity, it wasn’t until Henry moved to San Francisco, California where he knew he would have a shot at engaging the automotive culture.






Shortly after moving to California, Henry was only able to acquire a small 1990 Toyota Corolla which was solely used for transportation from point A to point B. Henry would often find himself day dreaming of the day he would truly love his ride, which would be quickly interrupted by the bouncing of his beater that zapped his wandering mind back to reality.





After researching websites and rummaging through old threads on forums, Henry studied the idea of modification and personalization that we all gradually learn and put into practice. But before he would be able to process any kind of method, he needed a car as a canvas! Chasing after a certain vibe, Henry became infatuated with the Lexus IS250, which satisfied his need for a sporty feel and sleek design. Inspiration came from the “VIP” styled cars he had been gazing at on the internet for hours on sleepless nights, and the IS250 proved to be the perfect starting point. Before long, Henry’s adventure began when he discovered a 2008 Lexus IS250 for sale that had all the requirements on his list: a 6-speed manual transmission and less than 8k miles on the odometer. It didn’t take long for Henry to realize he had a new goal to dream about.




Take away the obligatory “next-day” air suspension kit and fancy wheels and you have a regular guy just working on his car in the garage. The IS250 was lowered on springs and even this slight improvement was enough to keep Henry happy for a few months. Instead of jumping into modifications and hoping it all worked in some miraculous way, Henry took the time in these few months to learn about the car, endeavor the VIP-style cultivation, and find the rights parts to do it right the first time.




Henry’s first purchase for the exterior was an Authentic INGS+1 full lip kit that gave this body a simple and elevated design. An Authentic Blitz grille with a custom honey comb face was placed in to match the OEM under grille. Carrying on the OEM+ inspiration, the stock taillights were upgraded to the ’09 taillights with a clear coat of black to give it a subtle accent. Painting the roof a gloss black was quickly followed by a custom roof spoiler, and to complete, a fully shaved trunk. An F-Sport exhaust with Invidia midpipe was the finishing touch to give us something provide aural pleasure as he drove past, while our eyes followed each and every body line in awe.






The air suspension was professionally installed by Sonic MS in Mountain View, California. The suspension is a 5-gallon chrome tank by Universal Air Suspension company with Megan LP coilover coilbags with an Arnott Digital airride controller. Following the installation of the suspension, Henry finished the legwork of the car with a set of HRE Performance 560C wheels. Although carrying impressive numbers such as 19×9.5 +12 in the front and 19×10.5 +14 in the rear, with charcoal faces and timeless polished step lips, this is only the temporary wheel set up as Henry has already dug into his pocket to level up his car to a whole new playing field.





In fact, as this feature of Henry’s IS250 was placed live on our site, Henry has revealed his new look on the same day! We can’t spoil the fun by giving too many details but the already lavish HRE Performance wheels have been replaced with a set of unbeatable VIP Modular wheels in a striking color, may we add. With wider lips and a more aggressive fit, Canibeat has already begun documenting his new set up and we look forward to bringing Part 2 of Hopes & Dreams: The Manifest.



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