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Simplicity: MemoryFab’s Scion FR-S

I have to start this article by being completely honest, the picture quality and the build on this car had me thinking it had to be a photo shop job. From the moment I had the chance to lay eyes on Sean Monlux’s Scion FRS it had me craving for me. This car has been executed in such a flawless fashion it is hard to compare it to any other FRS on the street right now. For Sean the initial idea behind the Scion…errr Toyota was to keep it simple. A mild drop, a nice seat of wheels, and an audio system that kept him bumping on the way to work was the road about to be traveled. Little did Sean know his little 86 would not only get all this love but more than he could have expected.






The transformation for this car came shortly after the vehicle was purchased in the summer of 2012. Sean hardly got to enjoy the new car smell when his friend David from MemoryFab came calling. David wanted to use the fresh, out of the box car for his booth at the Mecca of all auto shows SEMA. Not letting the chance slip by Sean agreed and the work began. Knowing SEMA was the stage for all the who’s who’s to display their work a lot of planning had to go into the FRS, and with limited time it had to be done quickly but still retain quality. The first step was a new suspension set up, because as we all know stance is the new dance and you can’t show up doing the cha cha slide. Enter AirREX air suspension…..yes that’s right this FRS stays planted to the ground on a full set up from the master minds at AirREX. Sean was a little hasty about his sports car rocking bags, but after a few demo videos from AirREX and their race team he was sold and the suspension system was installed.




The FRS was now planted on the ground, the next step was to fill the trunk up with more ICE (in car electronics) than 2 Chains……well two chains. Illusion Audio’s Carbon series was chosen to help amplify the sound in the hatch of the little sports car. The air system along with the speaker components where all fitted nicely in the car and provided an edgy, clean set up with some trunk space to spare since the car is a daily!  MemoryFab was next up to deliver with a new set of rollers that would make sure people were left drooling over the Scion. The new, and at the time unreleased Mtechnica Aero wheel was chosen to grace the four corners of the FRS. Sporting a 17×9 front and a 18×10.5 rear the little flat four coupe was left wide, chunky look that makes Herman Clump look like Flavor Flav.



Now, everyone expected the FRS to be something awesome right out of the box, and honestly it was. Smaller, rear wheel drive coupe it is a blast to throw around corners but somewhat lacked horse power. Sean was happy with his little sports car but wanted to do a few bolt ones. Not aware of Dom’s over night plan his exhaust from Japan never made it in time for SEMA and sat in a container. What did make it though was the Five AD 6 piece body kit to help accent the already nice curves of the 86 and help add an aggressive look to the front and rear of the car. The built was nothing short of extensive, and though Sean received a good amount of sponsors to help his savings account quickly drained. The stress, the time, and the dedication though resulted in the build being completed one day before SEMA and resulted in this truly stunning FRS.




MemoryFab’s Toyota FRS




  • JDM Toyota 86 emblems
  • FiveAD 6 piece bodykit






  • JDM Toyota 86 Frameless Mirror
  • JDM Toyota 86 Shift Knob
  • Pioneer AVH-P8400BH headunit
  • Illusion Audio Carbon series C6 components
  • Illusion Audio C10 subwoofer
  • Mosconi Gladen one amplifier (x2)
  • Mosconi 6to8 DSP






  • AirREX Performance Air Suspension System
  • AirREX Wireless Digital Air Management System
  • AirREX Front Camber Plates and Pillowball Upgrade
  • Cusco Rear Lateral Link
  • Mtechnica Aero 17X9 F / 18X10.5 R


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