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Feb 23, 2013

Photography By: Aaron Boost, SPhoto Hi

Words By: Matthew Makarucha

Wekfest Hawaii 2013: Official Coverage


Mahalo! It’s the second year that WEKFEST came out to Hawaii to hold down another show! Crowds gathered to witness this spectacular event. New cars, as well as special guest models such as Eva Skye, Ashley Kim, Beckie Joon, & Amy Fay were specially flown in for this amazing event. The local crews lined up next to one another, to enjoy and participate in their local car scene and be a part of the custom car culture phenomenon that continues to dominate and sweep across Hawaii. Clean and hella aggressive builds were showcased to leave everyone in awe.

Some of the well known teams such as, Revision Audio, Empire VIP, Liberty Vip, Team Mansu, and countless others came out to support.  The people and the teams in our scene keep it alive and innovative by supporting these events. Two of our Hawaiian photographers Aaron Boost and SPhoto Hi collaborated to provide us two different angles on the people and their cars that made the event a success.

WekfestHawaii2013_AARONBOOST (1)

Lower level line up.

WekfestHawaii2013_AARONBOOST (2)

WekfestHawaii2013_AARONBOOST (3)

Something just pops when its red sitting on white. Such a classic combo and mostly the best car color combination to pull of white wheels. Subaru wagon chilling.

WekfestHawaii2013_AARONBOOST (4)

WekfestHawaii2013_AARONBOOST (5)

WekfestHawaii2013_AARONBOOST (6)

Gold colored EG sitting on nicely stretched and sized BBS RS’.

WekfestHawaii2013_AARONBOOST (7)

Close up of the custom BBS RS wheels. Timeless classic, as well the most replicated wheel out there. However at CANIBEAT we support quality and authenticity whenever possible.

WekfestHawaii2013_AARONBOOST (8)

A wide angle shot of the Toyota Tacoma truck.

WekfestHawaii2013_AARONBOOST (9)

WekfestHawaii2013_AARONBOOST (10)

Editor: Matt Makarucha