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Mar 22, 2013

Photography By: Ignatius McCarthy

Words By: Ignatius McCarthy, Cristian Loza

A Look Back: Golden Gardens Meet (Seattle, WA): 3/9/13


For those that dont know the Pacific Northwest is not known for having the best weather (it rains here A LOT!). This past weekend the clouds cleared up and we had the nicest weather of the year thus far. It was actually warm and sunny for once and everyone took full advantage of it! Luckily it was the same day as the first meet of the year put on by the guys of Mike Tolliver @ Stancewars and NW-Built. They both organize many shows and meets throughout the year that always bring out the best from all over the PNW.

It is really hard to say how many cars were in attendance throughout the day, but there was definitely a large variety of cars from different groups around the automotive scene. It is really great to see that the enthusiasts can appreciate many different types of cars all in one place. We are all interested in the same thing just have different tastes. I hope you guys enjoy my coverage.


The day started off at 8am when we met up with a group of people in Portland to make the 3 hour trip to Golden Gardens Park. This S2000 had the right idea and rode with the top down the whole way up!



Lexus SC300 looking perfect



And the same SC300 being chased by a great looking Accord. We tired looking for this Accord at the meet but it was lost amongst all of the other cars at the meet.



Christian Kitchens in his VW R32 sporting a set of fifteen52 Tarmacs.



He was even generous enough to air out the suspension just enough to have it hitting road reflectors!



This Subaru Legacy was dope! The wheels on the car and trailer match with the owner hauling his stunt bike on the low trailer.



A Toyota Starlet is not something you will see at just any meet.



Datsun 280z!



This Nissan 350z had the perfect stance!



Volkswagens and Borbet wheels are meant to be together!



This RSX with body color match Work VS-XX wheels looked dope!



This R32 was tucking this set of Vossen wheels properly.


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