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iAcrophobia & GT Drift Present: “We Are Back” Car Show (Beijing, China): 3/16/13

During my time in China, I have seen cars ranging from ridiculous to ABSOLUTELY absurd… and not in a good way. I was relieved when one day as I was walking on my school campus and a Mini Clubman S passed me… I noticed it was not at stock height and definitely was not on stock wheels. So then it all began; I chased the car down needing to talk to the owner. He must have thought I was a little crazy, being out of breath, using my broken Chinese I said, “我喜欢你的车!” (I like your car!). He told me he spoke a little English but it was so rare that a foreigner was into cars – especially a girl. We then spoke about his car, which is on air and Rotiform NUEs, I expressed to him how I had not seen many nice cars around China, much less Beijing. He was shocked and told me there are quite a lot of car enthusiasts in Beijing.

He then told me about iAcro and the meet that was occurring on March 16th. I anxiously awaited the meet wanting to see what Beijing had to offer in the car scene and let me tell you, it delivered! This event had an amazing turn out even on a very smoggy day.


The socialist army of  DUBS.


A drift Cefiro, with some vented fenders and accessory zip ties.


A clean MK6.


Audi A6 and what appears to be a custom Audi A7 chilling on air.


BMW had some honeycomb cereal this morning. Looks good and healthy for you.


Drolly on any continent. Flat mat blue.


To the ground. So ill!


B for Bentley.


Old school Mercedes 300D decided to join us. A classic all over the world.


Mini Cooper S slammed on some Rotiform NEU wheels.

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