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Driver Found: Josh Joyce’s Volkswagen MK1 Rabbit

The Volkswagen scene commands a lot of attention, and I am not saying that simply because I am a VW owner, driver, fan, and euro fanatic. The Volkswagen driver is someone who emits love for their car, no matter if it’s their first or fifty first. Josh Joyce ran across this little MK1 Rabbit as a good deal and had thoughts to use the little diesel as a daily driver. After owning a good amount of vehicles already and always having a soft spot for the diesel Rabbits the answer was quickly given, and the little green machine was in the hands of Joyce and on the way home.








Josh, who tells us he simply built this car to drive and he did just that. The first few things that were done to this little Volkswagen were a roof rack to haul tools and painting the wheels black……because they were purple and well purple just wasn’t going to work for Josh. The front end was changed up a little and round eye headlights were welded into the front. The whole idea of a “scene car” never crossed Josh’s mind he just wanted to build the car to suite himself, and one night while drinking with a few buddy’s a plan was hatched. They decided the car needed to go low, really low and so they started hacking and cutting at the frame and body of the Bunny. The final result was a custom bag set up, two raised strut towers, and a four inch body drop planting the tiny diesel into the earth.









Check out the hatch, no conventional air tank was used, instead a keg was retrofitted into an air tank. The wheel decision was a tough one for Josh, and six sets later a set of German P Slots were found and purchased. The German version of the iconic wheel is a larger 15×5 which was the only wheel that would really fit after the body drop.






Josh enjoyed driving the car so much his F-150 soon got told to kick rocks and with the funds left over a German turbo diesel engine and five speed tranny was purchased to swap into the MK1. The little Rabbit now had some gumption to go with its gusto, and it showed it off. The tiny Bunny has been seen carrying engine and transmissions from other cars on the roof, and still getting a stout 70 MPG while doing it. So what started as a daily driver, something to go from point A to point B turned into a passion for Josh. A set of Cabriolet front fenders turned into a body dropped, turbo diesel daily that gets compliments wherever it rolls to. The people still shock Josh as he just sees his little daily, but to many others they see a work of art. It is with this total experience that the real driver is found.




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