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Apr 10, 2013

Photography By: Matt Makarucha

Words By: Matt Makarucha

Fresh Meet Events & Tuner Evolution: Spring Bash 2013 (Camden NJ)


We all know that Philadelphia is known for it’s famous cheesesteak sandwiches, but up until the weekend I went to check out the Fresh Meet Events & Tuner Evolution Spring Bash, I was a cheeseteak novice. Now, the purpose of my trip wasn’t just to finally taste a Philly cheesesteak, but to hang out with the guys of LowLifeStyle x JunkStyles crew (both from PA) and to see what’s happening with the East Coast for 2013.

My trip began with a seven hour drive all the way from Toronto Canada. As I travel quite frequently to the US, I’m used to long trips and seven hours doesn’t seem so bad. Taking the scenic route through the states of New York and Pennsylvania, some fresh tunes on the radio made it an enjoyable ride. On the trip down, I stopped at a nearby rest area, booked a great deal on a nearby hotel and was all settled in for relaxing Saturday night. When I got to the hotel I called up my homie Duy, from Jerry Nguyen Photography to grab something to eat as I was hungry after the trip. He immediately suggested cheesesteaks and I was all about it! We drove downtown to Pat’s and I finally tasted for myself what all the hype was about! Thanks so much Duy for taking me out around Philly, I owe you one!

Anyway back to the event. The Spring Bash was put on by Fresh Meet and Tuner Evolution to promote their respective events coming later this year. Although it was only a preview of things to come, the East Coast came out strong! The location of this year’s bash was the vast parking lot of Campbell’s Field in Camden, New Jersey, home to the minor league baseball team the Camden Riversharks that hosted its first regular season baseball game in May of 2001. The ballpark is also home to the college baseball teams of Saint Joseph’s University and Rutgers University-Camden. Check out our coverage of this unique event and tell us what you think! Let me tell you there was a lot of juicy steak at this event; nothing but choice cuts!

freshmeet_2013_Matthew (1)

Not your average Honda Soccer van. Dropped on AIRTEKK suspension.

freshmeet_2013_Matthew (2)

Check out the exhaust tips!

freshmeet_2013_Matthew (3)

freshmeet_2013_Matthew (4)

Gas mask win!

freshmeet_2013_Matthew (5)

Minty flat Subbie. Nothing flat about this build tho.

freshmeet_2013_Matthew (6)

Top view!

freshmeet_2013_Matthew (7)

Minty’s tight fitment.

freshmeet_2013_Matthew (8)

All time classic, convertible BMW on BBS RS’.

freshmeet_2013_Matthew (9)

Still time for our First Class Fitment 2013 show. Step your games up everyone! Details on the show coming very soon.

freshmeet_2013_Matthew (10)

Gorgeous Infinity Q45, VIP. Such class!

freshmeet_2013_Matthew (11)

Showing its dominance over the skateboard.

freshmeet_2013_Matthew (12)

Exclusive VIP rear back shot.

freshmeet_2013_Matthew (13)

Blue looking at you 350Z on aqua faced Works.

freshmeet_2013_Matthew (14)

Back, with a clean cf diffuser incorporated into the bumper.

freshmeet_2013_Matthew (15)

EG 4 door with a really peppy engine bay.

Editor: Matt Makarucha