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Overcoming the Common Stereotype: Karl Perez’s Stunning Honda S2000

For as long as I can remember, Hondas don’t always have the best rep. Clear tails, non-matching body panels and exhaust canisters bigger than a toddler could be to blame but every once in-awhile comes along a Honda that makes you shut your trap; one that actually gives Hondas enthusiasts a good name. They come boasting a quality mod list and a look that has you doing a double-take. This Honda S2000, owned by Karl Perez, is a prime example of how you piece together an automobile that doesn’t embarrass a whole brand and group of enthusiasts, so whip out your pens and pencils and take note.



Karl’s infatuation with the S2000 would start just over a decade ago. One day when he was with his parents who were shopping for a people carrier, his eyes locked on to a brand new 2000 Honda S2000. He was instantly in love but being a youngster and the S2000 carrying a $30,000 price tag meant that it would just have to remain a dream until later in his life.




Eleven years later, Karl would make his dream come true after picking up his very own Honda S2000. Once in his hands, Karl hit the ground running… check that… sprinting. He started off with a set of Desmond Regamaster EVO’s but over the next year would go through 5 different sets of wheels, from Works, to CCW’s, to Advans and so-on-and-so-forth. Currently this S2000 rests on a set of Volk TE37’s in 18×9.5 which are nicely tucked in with help of ASM 25mm Over-Fenders in the rear and 40mm J’s Racing Front Fenders.




Since he was already go wider, Karl decided to give his S2K a more aggressive look. This was accomplished with the assistance of a Spoon S-Tai Front Bumper and to compliment that, a Spoon Moon-Craft Hard- top. With the aggressive styling, Karl knew that bringing this S2000 closer to the pavement was a requirement. He started off with a set of springs to get him by but after getting some miles on the car, he started to play with the stance of the car and decided on a set of Megan Racing Track Coilovers for a more permanent set-up.




After giving all that attention to the exterior of the car, next up was the interior. Karl already was a big fan of the OEM Honda S2000 interior but decided that a few changes needed to be made. He felt that the seating left room for improvement which led to Karl picking up a set of Status Ring buckets in carbon fiber with black cloth. To go along with the racecar influence, he also installed a 6-Point Cusco Roll-Cage and a J’s Racing Shift Knob to finish off the interior.




For performance, Karl has only dipped his toe in the vast pool of options when it comes to the S2000. To start things off, he has added a Spoon Kevlar Snorkel for the bumper and a full dual titanium cat-back by J’s Racing but future plans involving forced induction are in the works.



Eleven years of build up for Karl have finally paid off for him as he finally has the car he dreamed about for years. He takes full advantage of the California weather by taking the top off and cruising the multitude of Southern California black-top. Since he was 16, he has enjoyed spending time spinning wrenches on a driving history full of Hondas and this S2000 is definitely one to be proud of.



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