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Slammed Society at Formula D Long Beach 2013 Coverage

This past weekend was the start of the show season in Southern California. Formula Drift had their first round of 2013 in Long Beach, CA and on Saturday, Fatlace organized the Slammed Society car show, which brings together the best of the best in Socal. The Formula Drift series already brings huge crowds of fans, but once you add the Slammed Society Show, it really just makes the day much better. At half time, I tried to enter the car show area but it was impossible to do so with the sheer massive amount of people thinking the same thing as me. Nevertheless, we were able to grab a few shots. I look forward to the next round of Formula Drift and the Slammed Society car shows. Enjoy guys!


Our very own Noel Barnum and his Rocket Bunny kitted, Vortech Supercharged Scion FR-S.


The Fatlace Ben Sopra GT-R!


This such an awesome car to see in person, the Ben Sopra body kit is truly unique!



As you enter the show area the first thing visible was the Fatlace booth and their lineup of cars!



Courtney and her gorgeous BMW 328i on SSR wheels!



This VIP themed Infiniti M45 was jaw dropping!


Especially on those TE37SL’s!

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