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Worth the Wait: Nick Taylor’s Mazda Miata

We all hear stories of “those kids down the street” with the car(s) that wake up the whole neighborhood. Well, for the neighbors adjacent to the Taylor family, those kids would be Nick and his twin brother Nate. Both Nick and Nate grew up wrenching on cars before they could even drive; helping their father build and modify cars became a huge influence on their involvement in the car scene now. Nick, the owner of this beautiful Miata gives us an inside look at the story of his slammed little roadster, and his inspiration behind his build.






Nick’s venture into the car scene started much like most of ours; through an elder influence. Nick recalls helping his Dad wrench on cars out in the garage for countless amounts of hours. Nick, Nate’s twin brother also became a large influence regarding his brother’s acquisition of the Miata, though. Carrying over a noticeable euro-style influence from his previous experiences while owning a mk3 Jetta, Nick initially wanted to own a clean daily. Well, for better or worse, an unfortunate accident parked the car for over 4 months. Meanwhile, Nick was all but discouraged. He held faith and began collecting parts. After patiently waiting on the highly sought-after Mazdaspeed Edition front clip, Nick got things rolling on his project and hasn’t looked back since.






Amongst the parts Nick gathered for the Miata, he also stockpiled a set of coilovers and a staggered set of BBS RS’s to kick things into high gear. The wheels, measuring at 16”x91/2” in the front and 16”x101/2” in the rear, fit perfectly! Moving around the car, the front end was plucked from a later model Miata Mazdaspeed Edition while visiting a junkyard; a lucky find regardless of its price tag.






The interior became another task for Nick to address. He wanted to change things up, while still maintaining a clean look that didn’t become overpowering. Leather door cards were crafted, as well as an addition of diamond-stitched suede and white stitching; continuing the cars brilliant white theme and bringing it into the interior alongside the Mooneyes steering wheel.




Nick hasn’t discussed his future plans for the car just yet, but assured us they are sure to impress. With that said, we’ll be sure to keep tabs on him and his brother as they cause some ruckus down in Dallas. Nick would like to thank a handful of people including John at Auto Upholstery Needs, his girlfriend Whitney for her continuous understanding of this crazy obsession of cars, as well as his family and friends for all their support!



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