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VIP Treatment: Johnee Sou’s Swanky BMW 528i

Red carpets, suede ropes, flashing cameras, and a table for you and your crew with a bucket of that good stuff on ice. Sounds like a glamorous night at an upscale club downtown, doesn’t it?

Allow me to introduce Johnee Sou’s ’08 BMW 528i, a car that can provide this same glamorous feeling while looking much more appealing in the process than a couch and a candle lit coffee table to place your champagne flute.


It all began during the fall season of 2010 when Sou got his hands on the E60. Inspired by the fact that there was barely anyone that had tried building this particular chassis he went to battle the very next month to take the lead in breaking new ground in SoCal.


He started with 15% tint all around, then slapped on a set of Eurosport Monza one-piece wheels & H&R lowering springs. He eventually became bored with the Monzas so he installed Forgestar F10 one-piece wheels accompanied by an M5 rear bumper, carbon diffuser, side skirts, and a CSL trunk.





As the years kept advancing his projected goals and theme ideas did as well, leading up to the most recent modifications: an Air Force bag/coil suspension combo and three-piece Superstar Leon Hardiritt “Waffle” Super VIP wheels with 3.5” stepped lips in the front and 4.5” stepped lips in the rear.




They’re held on by beautiful Motorsport Hardware neo chrome extended lug nuts that provide a colorful accent to the whole car’s appearance. Due to the “Waffles” being weathered and beat up when he got a hold of them he had the pleasure of rebuilding the wheels from the ground up, making them his most favored mod on the car.




To top it all off he went with a custom front VIP table and custom rear VIP table trays from David Deezign, while allowing comfort to be easily obtained via his Junction Produce “Missions” neck pillow pads so drinks and cigars could easily reach passengers’ mouths.



The most recent modification stage has been the most enjoyable for Sou, where members of his crew, Eleven11thDynasty, taught him a thing or two.

“I didn’t know anything about air suspension until my crew showed me the ropes. I got to learn the whole process hands on, and it was great experience for me to learn and spend time with them,” he explained.


But when asked which stage was the most difficult he replied with “every stage, there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done.”

Sou’s an everyday family man for his wife, two daughters and son, but his crew is a very tightly stitched family-like group all in its own. The most diverse crew in SoCal, Eleventh11Dynasty initially congregated together because of suspension, but the crew supports all makes, models, and categories.


Since Sou can never stop moving forward or declare the VIP mission to be complete he’s planning to add a BMW or ARMA Speed supercharger, a sound system and TVs, a suede headliner, and a champagne refrigerator in the rear among many other additions in the near future. Remember what I said about this car providing more than a couch and candle lit table for your champagne flute? Keep your eyes open for this car if you’re out at any MFest events or major car shows in SoCal, it’s highly likely Sou will be there shinnin’. He may even pop a cork or two.

And to think he claimed he wanted to keep the car stock and drive it daily when he first got it, thankfully that particular mission was never completed either. He does have one wish, though, and that is to inspire future trendsetters to never stop progressing.


Big ups to Johnee for creating a car worthy of red carpet covered asphalt, and the Eleven11thDynasty crew for never letting their boy give up.

Shout outs from Johnee: “First and foremost thank you to my wife for putting up with me and my money pit. Shout out to Jack at VR Wheels, Avian and Raymond for the Air Force suspension, and my crew Eleven11thDynasty for all the help and motivation. Shout out to David at DynastyMotorWerkz, Manny from Afterhours Garage, and David from David Deezign for really doing the most to this build.”


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