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Giving in to the Madness: James Schwartz’s Scion FR-S

When you think of getting a new car, thoughts of parking in the nose bleed section and punching someone’s lights out if they dare scratch or ding your new pride and joy come to mind. But then there are those who have an itch, one they can only try to contain which usually is a losing battle. Soon after they are changing out parts and modifying their new chassis to reflect their own tastes and personality. James Schwartz is one of those with that inability to just leave a car alone and when the keys to his FR-S fell into his hands, ideas were already formulating like a mad scientist.




The original plan never included a FR-S for James but one night after tackling a task on his former SRT-4 build, he came across a picture of Kei Miura’s fresh FR-S and he instantly was infected with the need to have one of his own. After purchasing his own Firestorm Red Scion, James immediately got in line for his own Rocket Bunny Kit and finally after four agonizing months of waiting it arrived at his door-step and it was game on.




Step one on installing the Rocket Bunny Kit, after mustering up the courage, is to start cutting into your $25,000 car. Not only will your loved ones and neighbors think that you might have lost it but you may even get to the point where you have the thought that you are mad. For James, making that first cut into the bumper and then again when first cutting into the fenders of his FR-S, a nervous feeling began to creep through his body but he paid no mind to this and went on to shape his Scion into a neck-breaking machine.



To match the aggressive styling that the Rocket Bunny Kit brought to the exterior, James went with a set of Status Ring GT Buckets paired with Status harnesses to hold him in place when pushing his rear-wheel-drive chassis through the corner. Other touches like a Battleversion Roll Bar, NRG quick-release hub and Momo steering wheel were added to help finish out the track ready look of the interior.



With the focal point of his FR-S being the wide-body kit, James knew that he had to pick the wheel that would fit the aggressive styling his Scion now sported. He landed on a set of CCW LM20’s that run 17×9.5 in the front and 17×10.5 in the rear, making use of his new found space in the wheel arches. Getting the stance dead on, is a set of Ksport Control Pro Coilovers that handle the transition from daily-driver to hooligan with ease.



For James, his FR-S is a pleasure to drive whether he is on his way to work or carving though a desolate black-top highway. For him it is the perfect mix of functionality plus a car that can grab attention no matter where its destination is. It was purely built for enjoyment and his love for taking a project and turning into a car he can be proud of. He not only lives with the madness but thrives.




James would like to thank: I would like to thank my best friend Alexx without her a lot of this wouldn’t have been possible, Justin always helping in the paint department, and my friend Cody who is always down for some late nights in the garage. Also to all my friends that have helped me do what I love.”



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