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Aug 15, 2013

Photography By: Jared Houston

Words By: Mike Meszaros

JDM Parts & Pride: Chico Luna’s Honda Civic Hatchback


Pride. It’s something we all have. We all make choices, and sometimes those choices are less than favorable. When Chico Luna decided to work a deal to trade his BMW E46 for the Honda Civic you see before you, it was an exciting moment. Shortly after, though, Chico began running into problems. Horrible suspension and a damaged engine left Chico out of a ride and also with some hurt pride. After weighing his options and laying out the project before him Chico decided he would not be detoured, instead he would push forward and build this car into what HE wanted. Notice the caps? That’s right you are looking at Luna’s own personal daily/track car and he wouldn’t have it any other way.






Having a fascination with JDM parts Chico had a great plan laid out for the little EK Civic, starting off with a new heart. The car couldn’t run as is, so the biggest obstacle was tackled first. Knowing that he had a love for the Japanese culture and had plans to go far with this Honda Chico decided to drop a potent B18C1 into the hatch. With track ambitions in mind the B18 was torn down and rebuilt with practically everything imaginable; new cams, individual throttle bodies, new pistons and rods, and anything else for a high compression N/A build. Luna knew having all that go under the hood was one thing, and just sporting the JDM engine didn’t seem like enough. Enter a full Civic Type R front clip. “Getting use to the right hand drive was tough,” Chico explained to us, but the looks he received was worth the re-education of turning on U.S. roads.

“Getting use to the right hand drive was tough,”







With the RHD swap done and the B18C1 now built and ready to terrorize any track or street it set four wheels on Chico knew he had to find a sick color to set it off. The color process was a hard choice, it had to be just right to cover the Civic and all the Type R parts that had been added to help pull off the intended look. The final choice was Long Beach pearl blue, and at the end of the day a better choice could not have been made. Chico knew the car was coming together perfectly and the last step was a legit suspension and a set of wheels. Enter a set of Volk TE37 wheels finished in mag blue, and to accompany them and set of Tein Flex coilovers.







Pride and motivation of those around him kept Chico moving forward with this build. One of the things that really kept Luna motivated was people that said he couldn’t do this, or shouldn’t use that. For Chico it was all he needed to build a daily driven track car. It’s something he could have fun with and will always keep close to him. We asked Chico if he had anyone he’d like to thank; “all my friends and family for supporting me and giving a hand when needed. Mike Ward, Lucas Gonzales, Chris Treblic, John Wolf, Victor Valderas, BJ Farr, and Justin Yonts. My boy Zach Watson, Richard Coakley, Travis Umbarger, Brad at Password JDM and most of all my beloved wife for putting up with me while being in the garage putting long hours.” Canibeat wants to thank Chico Luna for this amazing build!







Chico Luna’s Honda 199 =9 Civic Hatchback


  • Full Long Beach Blue Pearl Respray
  • CTR Front And Rear Bumpers
  • CTR Rear Lip
  • ChargeSpeed Front Lip
  • VIS CF Hood
  • CTR Doors
  • CTR Fenders
  • CTR Powerfolding Mirrors
  • CTR Headligths
  • CTR Tailgate
  • CTR Tailigths
  • Seeker Japan Wing
  • Custom Sideskirt
  • Front And Canard Spliters
  • Password Quick Release Bumper Straps
  • Spoon Windshield Wiper


  • Cusco Cage
  • Miracle X Brace
  • CTR Red Carpet
  • CTR Floor Mats
  • CTR RHD Conversion Dash With Cluster
  • Climate Controls
  • Status Racing Ultra Red Suade Seats
  • Takata MPH Series Harnesses
  • Status Side Mounts
  • K Tuned Shifter
  • Spoon Sports Shiftknob
  • Spoon Sports Rear View Mirror
  • Spoon Sports Wheel Hub
  • Spoon Sports Steering Wheel
  • NRG Quick Release
  • Custom Radio Block Off Plate With Aem Wideband And Volt Gauges
  • S2000 Push Start Button
  • PWJDM Air Bag Delete Tray
  • PWJDM Fuel Pump Cover


  • Tein Flex Coilovers
  • Skunk2 LCAs
  • Buddy Club P1 Front And Rear Camber Kits
  • Buddyclub Extended Balljoints
  • Js Racing Fender Braces
  • ASR Subframe Brace
  • Beaks Bar
  • Whiteline Swaybars
  • Spoon Sports Braided Break Lines
  • PWJDM Front And Rear Drilled And Sloted Rotors
  • CTR Front Brake Calipers
  • Spoon Brake Pads
  • Spoon Sports Front Strut Bar
  • Volk Racing Te37s Special Edition Mag Blue 15×7 35 Offset
  • 205/50r15 Toyo R888s All Around

Go Parts

  • B18c1
  • Wet Darton Sleeveed
  • Eagle Rods
  • Wiseco 12:8:1 Pistons
  • Full Cnc Port And Polished P72 Head
  • SK2 Ti Retiners
  • Dual Valve Springs
  • Cams
  • Dc Sports Camgears
  • 52mm Twm Itbs
  • Rc 440 Injectors
  • Bisi Header
  • Buddy Club Spec 2 Exhaust
  • Spoon Thermostat
  • Spoon Temp Sensor
  • Spoon Sparkplugs
  • Spoon Spark Plug Wires

Editor: mike meszaros