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Law of Motion: Kirk Curran’s ’05 Subaru STI

Newton’s first law of motion states that an object in motion stays in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force. When Kirk first acquired his STI, the gears quickly began to turn, and have yet to be stopped. This STI has gone through it’s fair share of phases, and Kirk’s current look is sure to please.



Not often does the “perfect” car just fall into our laps. It can take weeks, months, even years for us to settle upon a car that fits our criteria of being “perfect”. For Kirk, a black ’05 Subaru STI was his perfect car. Many weekends were spent scouring local dealerships and websites searching for his idea of perfect. After almost giving up, a final browsing of Craigslist produced about as close to perfect as one can get. That afternoon, Kirk met the seller of a World Rally Blue ’05 STI, and although the color wasn’t his favorite at the time, Kirk couldn’t complain.




The STI was bone stock with low mileage, and above all, a clean slate for what Kirk had up his sleeve. Although he tried to convince his friends that the mod bug wouldn’t catch on, it wasn’t long until the STI was sporting some entry level modifications including a short shifter, intake and spoiler-less deck lid. An open house even at IAG only fueled the fire, and that day a set of coilovers were purchased. Kirk’s first set of wheels didn’t last long, when seeing the west coast guys rolling around with crazy fitment. Soon after, Kirk had replaced his Rota Grids with Work Emotion XD-9’s and with a fender roll and pull with help from IAG, the STI was soon becoming the product of Kirk’s dreams.





We all know that if you’re a true wheel junkie, changing things up is half the fun, but finding the perfect set of wheels is half the battle. Having Rotiform build a custom set of SJC’s at 18”x10” on all four corners, Kirk has been monetarily satisfied. Opting for hidden hardware, Kirk’s set of Rotiform’s furthered his goal of keeping things as clean as possible.



Triumph doesn’t come without tribulation, and being slammed on static suspension isn’t for everyone. Kirk expressed that if he were to do things over, he would have chosen to put the car on bags sooner. Being able to actually drive the car, instead of constantly worrying about what will break. “I respect the hell out of guys that daily their cars slammed, I did it for quite a while…”



Taking influence from his father, who is also a gearhead, Kirk jokes about his interest in the import scene as his dad still owns his first car, a 1984 C4 Corvette with 25k original miles. Although two difference automotive interests, Kirk’s dad has enjoyed watching his son build up his perfect car.




Without the help of friends and family, most builds would never be possible. Kirk would like to thank J.J. Jabaji, Rick Arbogast and all the guys at IAG Performance, his girlfriend Katie for her unrelenting support, and also a big shoutout to Xclusiv Alliance!

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