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Same Car, Different Day: Marc Davis’s 2002 Audi A4

The Audi B6 was the quintessential German sport-luxury platform of the past decade. The styling is iconic and elegant. Marc Davis has gone through four exterior colors, four suspension setups, and a handful of wheels in his seven years of ownership. His A4 has evolved over time into the simple yet striking machine you see here.




Let’s begin with the exterior. This sedan is vinyl wrapped gloss red brown metallic. Dapper decal on the windshield. If Ron Burgundy drove a bagged Quattro sedan this would be it. If this car seems strangely familiar to a certain matte white A4 you saw at SoWo last year, or a matte metallic blue A4 you saw at H2Oi 2012, that’s because it is. Marc has yet another color in the works for this year’s H20i, and we can’t wait to see what it is.




Up front a molded and shaved Sportec front bumper has replaced the stock unit, and the OEM upper and lower grilles have been replaced with badgeless ones. Marc’s ride doesn’t need its identifiable rings to make a statement, as the new grille and bumper only accentuate the cars stunning presence.
Out back a euro trunk lid sets Marc’s B6 apart from the soccer-mom crowd.




“The euro trunk lid absolutely makes my car, but has definitely gotten me in a fair share of trouble over the last few months…mostly from my own stubbornness to run a euro plate 24/7.”


First world problems, but we understand Marc’s pain fully. The car looks complete and eye-catching with the euro plate installed.


To top everything off Marc’s vehicle hugs the ground ever so eloquently courtesy of Air Lift air suspension. The wheels are Image DM Classics, 18×10 with 3” lips all around. German engineering coupled with British design are matched in blissful unison. Future plans for this B6 consist of S4 Recaro seats for the interior along with a possible 4.2L V8 engine swap.




“I want to thank all of my friends for helping me over the years. They have always pushed me to go the next step, not cheap out, and have helped on all of my late night installs. A lot of thanks to everyone in my local group, Strictlyfitted, and to all my new found friends at Dapper. Also a word of thanks to Andrew Marsteller from Open Road Tuning, John Freeman from Freeman’s Car Stereo, Jamie at Orchid Euro and Image Wheels.”




If you ever find yourself in the Mooresville area of North Carolina, be on the lookout for Marc’s B6. By the time you read this it may be a different color, or have a different engine, but one thing is for certain: this car will still be looking good.

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