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Taking the Next Step: Ricky Granado’s Seductive Hyundai Genesis

Your first car, that car that is usually one that you may not have gotten to exactly pick out yourself but still turns out to be one filled with memories. For a car enthusiast it’s our first hit of what will eventually become a life-long addiction; a life filled with a passion for anything on wheels. For Ricky Granado, he started with a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer. Its looks were tolerable and its performance was lacking but it would last him through the ups and downs of his first years behind the wheel and would give him just a taste of what would come to fruition in the following years.




Ricky had a path involving VW GTI’s and the Euro Scene planned out but, just like life though, not everything went according to plan. As it came time to make a decision on his next chassis to own, he started researching all of his options. He slowly had been talked out of a GTI by a fellow enthusiast and eventually started looking at the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. After weighing all of his options, on a faithful Black Friday, Ricky purchased a Genesis Coupe R-Spec. To this day he says that he couldn’t be any happier with this choice.




He had a new grown-up job and now with a respectable car in his possession it was time to decide what to do with his new acquisition. The KDM Scene was still fresh to the car community so there plenty of heads to turn since these cars weren’t littered on every website you browsed. At first he started small but after figuring out what he wanted to achieve with his stance, Ricky hit the ground running.




Starting out, his Genesis sat on a set of Volks with Megan Coilovers but he kept wanting to go more aggressive with this fitment and as time progressed, Ricky found himself going a direction that few had travelled before. After a couple wheel setups, he knew it was time to go all out with a set of 3-Piece Rotiform BLQ’s which are snugged into the arches of this Hyundai with the help of a full Air-Ride setup which isn’t too common in the Genesis community. After numerous hours filled with hard-work and sweat, Ricky had his stance dialed in to where he was happy with it and it’s a result that is a head-tuner for sure.




To go along with his wheel and suspension choices, Ricky also made small detail changes to help stand out from the so-called norm. Up front, a Rhys Millen Racing Carbon Fiber Grill and MS-R Carbon Fiber front lip were added to liven up the OEM styling. The boring OEM mirrors were replaced with KDM mirrors that came with LED turn signals for a little more flair. For the rear, a Carbon Fiber Diffuser was installed which changed the look up from the rear of the car quite a bit.




One area that Ricky felt that his R-Spec truly needed some attention was the interior. His Genesis came with drab grey cloth seats that just had to go. As fate would have it, Ricky managed to come across a full set of interior from a 2012 that had Black and Red interior giving the inside of his car a new lease on life. After the major transformation, Ricky also added a JDM extended bubble shift knob to change it up from the plain ole OEM knob.




Ricky from day one with his Genesis has sought out to create a car that was all his own and did so by going with a chassis that is less popular and molding it to the vision he had all along. Even though his plans changed, he was still able to achieve his goals as he kept moving forward to get his car to the point it is today. Of course, Ricky still has big plans for his Genesis as he continues to push the bar on this Hyundai which I’m sure will leave us on the edge of our seats as we watch this Genesis continue to evolve.

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