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Sep 10, 2013

Photography By: Arthur Malczewski

Words By: Arthur Malczewski

Shake & Bake: Rickyy Bobby’s Honda Civic EM2


Driving a slammed car daily isn’t something that’s done easily. It is a sacrifice that one must accept at a particular point in their car’s life. It could be when you first buy your car and know that it’s going to end up on the ground, or that first time you buy your coilovers, or even the day you just decide you no longer want any functionality left in your car. For Rickyy Bobby it started when he first bought his car, and it’s evident when seeing the history of  cars he’s owned. Driving around with Rickyy I witnessed a radically different geography of the streets of Toronto, where a map was obsolete simply because maps do not describe the condition of the roads ahead. Rickyy, however, has a map in his head of which routes he has to take to navigate his car to his destination, or which roads no longer exist to him simply because his static chassis is millimeters from the ground. With harsh conditions all winter and construction happening nonstop during summer to fix the damaged roads this isn’t an easy task.






Rickyy has an obsession with going low, literally doing hours of research to find the coilovers which bring him as low to the ground as possible, and then making suspension modifications beyond the norm such as fabricating custom arms, using bolts that nobody has ever tried on a 7th generation civic and using custom top hats. Another unorthodox modification on this 7th generation Civic is the wheels Rickyy is running; 16×9″ wheels on an unheard size on this chassis: 205/40/16. All these ingredients make up the formula for Rickyy’s more-addicting-than-drugs addiction to slamming the car.








The inspiration for this 7th generation build all began with his exquisite taste in style. Knowing him personally I understood why this car was pieced the way it was: A simple clean OEM body with tasteful rare parts such as the DC5 Type R blue Recaros with a matching DC5 Type R steering wheel and shift boot. Although upon first glance spectators don’t think much about the chosen combo, simply thinking “wow those seats are rare” but don’t see the car for what it really is as a bigger picture. For the handful which know Rickyy he is more than just an automotive enthusiast. Being a huge basketball enthusiast and a collector Rickky has one of the largest collections of Jordans, reaching close to 180 of some of the rarest models. He chose to theme the car after his favourite pair of shoes, the Jordan 1 ‘Royal’ from ’01: a simple black outer shell with a deep blue exquisite center. Such a simplistic stylish design, the car followed suit with the simple clean OEM bodylines with simple OEM lip kit, an 8th generation civic Visor and ARC winglets on the front for the flare.






After getting the night hawk pearl paint buffed out last summer with an 18 hour detail, the new wheel setup, and the interior finished off to his taste, the car’s overall glow turns heads. If you’re ever in Toronto and hear scrapes and see a black glossy 7th generation Civic avoiding manholes and small imperfections to the road surface chances are it is Rickky Bobby taking an obscure route to hit up a ball court to shoot some hoops.






Editor: cristian loza