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WEKEAST: Wekfest “East Coast Elite” 2013 (Edison, New Jersey)

A year went by as the east coast prepared for an event that would change the course of our automotive culture and history. The tri-state generation had yet to prove and showcase their knowledge, hard work, and their way of life. When the announcement was made that Weksos USA was hosting a show right in the center of the North East people flooded with excitement and anticipation, eager to finally climb up as underdogs to the west, and come up as kings of the east.

Staging the second annual WekEast began as early as 6 a.m. and the amount of cars doubled compared to the year prior. The presentation of unrivaled cars and mind-blowing builds filled every corner of this exclusive showroom, giving every spectator and judge a taste of what the tri-state area is all about: multiplicity. From function to form and speed to stanced out dailies there was something for everyone to enjoy. The talent and inventiveness of the east coast was displayed by one passion infused vehicle to the next, and the company between drivers and friends filled the day with laughter and smiles. After all it’s events like this where community and commonality are what bring us all together to celebrate our blood, sweat, and tears together.

Here are some mini-features on cars with owners who had something to share about their ride, as well as everything else WEKEAST 2013.

Anthony DiCarlo from Long Island, New York graced the floors of Wekfest 2013 with this eye-popping, mind-warping 1965 Volkswagen Beetle. As a vehicle that will stop you dead in your tracks it’s a appealing to  both old and young generations alike. When Anthony was in search for a second build to conquer over the winter he contacted his good friend, Devin Larson, for any ideas and suggestions. As soon as the word “beetle” was thrown around Anthony was sold. Little did he know that this beetle would be delivered in boxes – yes, boxes. Over the course of four months and a day Anthony built his Volkwagen Beetle from the ground up in his own garage, making tweaks and adjustments to his suspension, keeping the interior completely stock, and preserving its original charismatic paint. This bug is sitting impeccably on factory wheels; stock in the front and widened in the rear. With an old gem like this he believes keeping it true to its days is as original as it gets, and we couldn’t agree more.





Justin Juarez is a graduate from Long Island, New York who’s car is as fun and enthusiastic as he is. His 2003 Mini Cooper S was purchased only about a year ago and it has come a very long way since. With original intentions just to drop the Mini on its wheels his imagination took off from the very first modification, and he realized it was going to take a lot more than just nice shoes to captivate his vision. A few months later Justin found himself in the garage with an air ride kit and his fourth set of wheels. Because there wasn’t any specific air ride kits available for Mini Coopers countless hours of fabrication were needed to achieve satisfaction with its fitment and stance. His powder coated white Mili Miglia Chronos are 16 x 7.5 in the front and 16 x 9 in the rear with 205/40/16’s wrapped perfectly around. Soon after his air suspension had been  installed Justin received a sponsorship from Sticky Garage in Hicksville, New York to do a full wrap on the car, resulting in an antique bronze vinyl wrap that leaves a lasting impression with its rich color and tone.




After a year and a half of searching for a diamond in the rough, Keary, New Jersey native Albert Saavedra found his dream car. A 1994 Mazda RX7 with 66k original miles came into Albert’s life just before he was about to give up the long fought search. The original owner of the RX7, a 75 year-old enthusiast kept the FD in pristine condition during its 19 years of existence, leaving it practically OEM from factory.

Albert’s gem sits well suited on 16” BBS RS wheels with 18” re-barreled 2.5” slant lips, and is held down by KSport coils. Albert’s future plans consist of a fully built engine with a single turbo setup. Hats off to a chassis with body lines and an interior way ahead of its time.




“Since I usually judge VW shows and the B6 chassis (wagon) presence was scarce I decided to break the norm,” Jose A. Chong explained. The Baltimore, Maryland native who truly believes in function over form feels he’s achieved a proper balance with his ’08 Volkswagen Passat wagon. We fell head over heels with his Passat at First Class Fitment last year so it was great to catch up with him again and awe at the changes.
The car went under construction, receiving a red brown metallic wrap from Five Star Automotive Designs, a Vortex kit all around including third light spoiler, an up-sized conversion with “bubble lip”  supplied by SpinFab & Rotiform, and 18” BBS RSs with 24k gold-plated center caps and hardware to execute the Prima Donna theme. To top it off Jose received APR’s stage one tune to help solidify middle ground and balance between form and function.




Newark, Delaware’s Ryan Manuel and his Jackson Racing supercharged GT-R midnight purple ’93 Mazda Miata. After going through 6 sets of wheels and 3 different colors over the two years of owning it Ryan settled the Miata on 15 x 8.5 & 15 x 9.5 BBS RMs with custom raised top hats. The engine is raised 2.5 inches through the hood, and widened V8 roadster steel frame rails were included to protect fuel and brake lines.

The front-end features a lip from Garage Vary and a cut bumper with Garage Vary front lip to apply an aggressive look. The interior is painted with real rust accents which is an eye-widener all in its own. Ryan intends to install a brand new motor over the winter, but until then and there after he’ll continue to face the inescapable dilemma of how to go lower.




A student dedicated to his daily driver. Alex white from Towson, Maryland hasn’t quit adding to her 2005 Mazda RX8 since her  first modification. Currently it sits on Powertrix Track coilovers and 18 x 10 matte blue Work Emotion XD9s wheels, with an OEM front & side lip kit, ING-S rear lip, and a VIS carbon hood. She also threw on a K&N intake followed up with a Borla catback dual exhaust.



The beautiful ’91 Honda Civic wagon below is owned by Perth Amboy, New Jersey resident Pedro Vega. This EF wagon feature a b20 with Skunk2 cam gears, a Blox intake manifold, carbon fiber intake, and a hydro transmission under the hood. Under neath it hosts a front lip from a CRX, and rests on 16 x 9 SL1s from Klutch Wheels. The interior was kept stock, but cleanliness was the objective. A mid-wing has been added to the rear hatch with an EG carbon fiber duck bill on top. Pedro’s original plan was to daily the EF while taking on the challenge of swapping a more power-providing drivetrain. We think he’s executed his plan just fine.



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