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Wrong Fitment Crew Presents: Wrong Fitment Fest: Official Coverage

Wrong Fitment Crew’s annual meet was held this past Saturday in Oceanside at SAE Motorsports. We had great weather; it was pretty hot but had some cloud coverage made things bearable. I remember back in January of 2010 when I attended the first big WFC meet at Venice Beach and it wasn’t anywhere near as large as it has grown to be today. I really enjoy these events for many reasons but first of all it has to be the people. The WFC is simply a fun group of people, there is no way you can hang out with them and not have fun. I usually find myself catching up with people I haven’t seen since the last SoCal evnt, talking about our latest car mods or about what’s going on with my kids and family. It’s not just about the cars but more about the relationships.

You would think that because WFC was started by a group of Subaru guys who were brought together because they were on the receiving side of forum banter about their wheels “not fitting properly” that the cars would all be similar in nature; well this is far from the truth. As you will see in the coverage below this event brings out a large variety of cars. Most of them low yes, but with all different kinds of fitment and builds (some extremely functional, others not very functional at all). We hope you enjoy our official coverage of Wrong Fitment Fest! See you guys next year.



Boogie about to park his E46 sitting on CCW Classics



Dennis and Brian (left to right) two OG WFC members. They organized the event and handled roll-in.


Tucker just traded his bagged WRX for this EVO. From what I’ve heard it’s pushing 600hp!



Dennis: “You are 5 minutes late, you can park way over there!”


Andrew’s Bug-Eye reppin’ WFC



Making the engine bay on this boosted Miata shine!

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