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“You know… if you tell someone to ‘light ‘em up,’ and they actually do it, you get in just as much trouble as the person committing the act,” a cop politely explained to me as I sat on a curb, waiting for his fellow camber cops to quit hassling my buddy about his BRZ. The …

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Kouki_Cutter_Omar Cabrera_Nissan_240_SX_COVER

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240s are a dime-a-dozen these days. I have one, you have one, your unemployed neighbor has one. Nissan 240s are the absolute antitheses of what some wish the modern car scene was–upscale, sophisticated, yacht-club-esque gatherings of high society, self-labeled “petrol heads.” If this car hurts your feelings then I have one word for you: good. …

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Introducing Rachel Clancy’s BMW E46 M3, a very recent build as of  H2oi 2014. Rachel’s M3 is rolling on BC Extreme Drop coilovers and Work Meister S1s (18×10 and 18×11) rebuilt by VR Wheels in California. “I chose Meisters because they are my favorite wheel. I wanted an aggressive but functional setup so I felt …

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Robert Sia’s FRS made quite a splash when it first hit the scene. It debuted on Instagram, and a roller on the freeway of Robert’s car was enough to take the car scene by storm. Up until then no one had really seen the Aimgain kit on an FRS since FRS scene was dominated mainly …

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Amongst the severe accounts of post-H2o International depression many are enduring on the East Coast, many are going through the countless photographs they captured during their long-awaited getaway to Ocean City, Maryland. Yes, H2oi has been primarily a euro show, but recent years have let H2oi, like the other nationally recognized shows, to become blended with …

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yellowcars_andy_ 1

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As with many areas of the country, there exists a solid line between the import and domestic enthusiast cultures in Middle Georgia. The two groups generally have separate meets, separate online communities, and separate ideas about what is desirable in car modification. But lately, there seems to be a blurring of that line, not only …

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The automotive community can arguably be called one of the most tightly knit groups of people. As enthusiasts, we are like family. Yes, we have our disagreements and quarrels, but at the end of the day we all have one thing in common; passion. Drew Panettieri was a true enthusiast. He loved getting his hands …

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The following car needs no introduction. What began life as your average montego blue E92 has undergone some not-so-subtle modifications, which has rocketed it into magazines and car blogs around the world. Yes, this is Bag Riders’ famous 335i X-Drive, a car that took niche sections of the Internet and social media by storm. Take …

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This was my third year covering Wekfest’s East Coast event held in Edison, New Jersey. Heading out a little after sunrise to my first car show since coming back from studying abroad in Italy for a month was such an amazing feeling. Passing other enthusiasts on the highway knowing they were going to same show …

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