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About Canibeat.com


Canibeat.com was started in 2009 with a goal & mission to bring viewers some of the hottest cars in the scene, no matter the style or origin of its design. Cristian Loza and Roy Jang originally founded the site in 2009 right outside our nation’s capital in Northern Virginia. New Jersey photographer Dave Tormey soon joined the team as their first official photographer. Together, they have helped create an automotive website with a staff that spans the globe.


Now you may find yourself asking where did the name “Canibeat” come from. Originally it started as a joking phrase that was said when the founders saw a hot girl, but it quickly turned into a phrase for sick cars, clothing, culture, etc.


Today, Canibeat.com features the finest cars from all over the world. We don’t stop there though, as we also work to bring you coverage of the biggest events; no matter their location. We have grown to a site with thousands of followers, with our contributors helping us bring the hottest in today’s automotive culture. Canibeat.com would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for our devoted community, so we express our thanks to everyone that contributes or follows us.


If you have any questions, whether it be if you are interested in a feature or have questions about any merchandise, feel free to check out the Staff page and contact us.


Again, thank you for your support!
-Canibeat Staff