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Apr 7, 2014

Photography By: Ignatius McCarthy

Words By: Andy Carter

Take Your Pick: Lucas Perez’s JDM Duo


For many of us of the Millennial generation, our fascination with JDM automobile culture began with Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo series for the Sony Playstation. My first exposure to the game was the third installment, and I remember first seeing the red Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex and having no doubt that it would be my starter car, owing much to the unapologetic 80′s styling cues . As we dived deeper in the game, our eyes were opened to dozens of cars whose manufacturers might have been familiar, but only as modes of reliable, safe, vanilla transportation.  Our parents, born into the era of the great American muscle car, remembered the Mustang and Camaro as the performance beasts that they were, but many had opted for more reliable Odysseys, Siennas, Accords and Camrys as their daily transportation and kid-haulers.  While the Japanese sports cars were far from unknown, their existence did not penetrate into the American consciousness the way that domestic muscle cars and Italian supercars had throughout the 80′s and 90′s.  And yet, our culture finds itself in the middle of an explosion of vintage JDM boom. Read More

Apr 3, 2014

Photography By: Rodney Ty

Wallpaper Wednesday: Tron Aventador

wallpaperwednesday_rodneyty 4

For Wallpaper Wednesday today (sorry so late!), Rodney Ty sent over some amazing light-painted photos of a Lamborghini Aventador. Wrapped to emulate somewhat of a Tron theme, the car is owned by Anthony Lee, owner of Promax Motorsports out of Alhambra, CA. Enjoy the shots! Read More

Mar 26, 2014

Photography By: Andy Carter

Words By: Andy Carter

Wallpaper Wednesday: GA Rocket Bunny FR-S

justinwallpaper_andycarter 4

Last weekend was a great time for Central Georgia. Not only did the nation witness the bracket-busting upset of Mercer University over Duke, but Justin Rescina also put the final touches on his gorgeous Rocket Bunny FR-S and debuted it at the first Macon Madness meet during the opening day of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Read More

Mar 19, 2014

Photography By: Danny Rice

Words By: Danny Rice

Wallpaper Wednesday: Sarah’s Mk1 Audi TT

VSKF RearLong cib

Every year around this time, thousands of enthusiasts across the nation are putting the finishing touches on their rides, draining their bank accounts for the last few parts they need to button up their build, or putting the last of their blood, sweat, and tears into their creation after a long winter project. Through all the trials and tribulations, however, there is no better feeling than the smile you get after lowering the car onto all fours for the last time or firing it up for the first time. Read More

Mar 12, 2014

Photography By: Andy Carter

Words By: Andy Carter

Wallpaper Wednesday: Lauren’s Bagged C10

cibwallpaper 4

I first spotted Lauren’s C10 at the Simply Clean meet last year in Orlando and absolutely fell in love with it. I happened to see that she was going to be in Amelia Island for the Concours D’Elegance at the same time I was, and figured it would be a perfect time to get a few shots of the truck. The build is a collaboration with her father, who joined us for the shoot. The truck was completely redone to suit Lauren’s flair for the Euro aesthetic, painted in an Audi silver and bagged with Airlift suspension components. The 20″ Mobsteel wheels tie the whole thing together with updated take on classic hot-rod styling.

Feb 3, 2014

Photography By: Andy Carter

Words By: Andy Carter

Synergy: A Pair of Atlanta GTIs


Tupac Shakur, in a 1996 interview with San Francisco’s KMEL, responded to a question regarding the balance of his challenges and successes with the declaration, “I’m a reflection of my community”.  Community is a topic that gets thrown around a lot nowadays, as many of us find ourselves isolated in our online lives, trying to find real connections amongst hundreds of thousands of Facebook friends and Instagram followers. Read More

Dec 18, 2013

Photography By: Andy Carter

Words By: Andy Carter

Wallpaper Wednesday: Justin Enriquez’s Voltex Widebody Evo

stancedevo_andycarter_ 1

This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday is a shoot I did of an Atlanta area Mitsubishi Evolution fitted with a Voltex wide-body kit. The owner, Justin Enriquez, had the car temporarily sprayed with red Plastidip, and I thought the finish ended up looking pretty crazy. Read More

Dec 18, 2013

Photography By: Jose Torres

Words By: Andy Carter

Flashback: A Pair of Vintage Corollas


2013 has been a dynamite year for Toyota enthusiasts. The FR-S has proved itself as a savior to a brand that had largely been resigned to sellers of beige people-movers and uninteresting hybrids in the minds of the loyalists that remember the Supras and Celicas of the eighties and nineties. The RWD coupe was designed as an homage to Toyota’s AE86 Corolla, a car that had blown up in popularity in the past decade thanks to its headlining role in the manga series Initial D. It is no coincidence that popularity of the original hachi-roku and other vintage Toyotas rose nearly as a direct inverse of Toyota’s gradual exit from the enthusiasts eye. The death of the Supra, MR-2, and Celica, as well as the softening of the IS300, foreshadowed a bleak future, forcing fan’s of Japan’s largest automaker to turn 180 degrees for their automotive kicks.

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Nov 1, 2013

Photography By: Derrick Mance

Words By: Andy Carter

The Godfather: Justin Wong’s Volkswagen Beetle


The original VW Beetle is the great-grandfather of import car culture in America.  Just as Honda and Toyota found customers looking for more efficient vehicles in the 1970s, and Nissan’s 240Z won fans that preferred a lower cost option to contemporary European sports coupes, the German’s VW Beetle found foothold in 1950′s America as consumers looked for a cheaper alternative to the pricier domestic competition.

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Aug 9, 2013

Photography By: Brendan Lester, Andy Carter

Words By: Andy Carter

Building Brada: The Birth of an American Wheel Company


To be completely honest, when I first heard about Zane Godwin’s idea to start a boutique wheel business out of Atlanta, I had my doubts.  Zane was a mutual friend of Anthony Hancock, and I was introduced to Zane in 2012, about the time that he and KJ were in the early stages of designing the company’s first wheel, the BR7.  I was certainly impressed by the engineering put into what they had so far, but I wasn’t sure how a few Atlanta S2000 guys were going to capture any significant portion of the luxury 3-piece wheel market. In a time where replicas have replicas, a person’s wheel selection is as much about brand recognition and the quality behind that brand, than it is about the exact design or specs of the wheels. And there are no shortage of great brands putting out amazing, original wheels these days.  Carving a niche into a crowded luxury market is never going to be easy, especially with a product that costs thousands of dollars. I figured that the only way Brada could become anything was if Zane injected every bit of himself and his passion into the company. After our conversation, I’m 100% convinced that he has done just that.

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