stanced RL

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Originally envisioned as a competitor to classic Japanese luxury sedans such as the Toyota Crown and Nissan Cedric, the Honda Legend was first sold in America as the flagship entry of Honda’s new luxury brand, Acura, in 1986.

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For Wallpaper Wednesday today, I have a few shots that I was able to grab of Ty’s VIP Lexus GS immediately following our First Class Fitment show several weeks ago. The sunset over the airstrip makes for an incredible location for post-show shoots.  Our full coverage should be up tomorrow, so check back for tons …

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bagged WRX

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Aftermarket automotive culture has never really been a place that catered to the fairer sex. From late nights spent in a dusty garage working with dirty tools while beer-swigging bros tell even dirtier jokes, to the meets and shows that cater to base masculine desires with scantily-clad models and greasy food.

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Acura’s third generation TL was admittedly a tough act to follow. Signaling the model’s first departure from a platform share with the JDM Honda Inspire, the 3.2 L V6 equipped four door quickly became the brand’s best selling sedan, edging out the popular TSX and more luxurious RL.  And while the car made waves in …

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My experience in the automotive community has taught me, if nothing else, that taste is both completely subjective and often deeply rooted in an owner’s psyche. Each of has our own favorite brand, and an idea of what are acceptable modifications within the confines of what we deem appropriate.  While there are certainly those that …

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JCCS 2012

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The East Coast is a tough place to be for fans of vintage Japanese automobiles. While there are definitely pockets of enthusiasts throughout region (I’m thinking of Atlanta’s own Garage Zero), there just aren’t as many good original specimens to to be found. Most Northeastern cars have long since succumbed to rust, disappointing many junkyard …

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bagged Scion xB

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Deep in the city of Philadelphia, amongst the beat up taxi cabs, boring economy cars, and speeding limousines, there came a candy purple xB from New Jersey. Darren Balico’s little box attracted all sorts of attention in Center City.  Everyone, from businessmen in tinted Town Cars to late night crowds looking for the next party, …

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It can be said that all design is rooted in the struggle of form and function.  Each decision that a creator makes is a tug in one direction or the other. But good design never lies on linear scale.  That is, success isn’t found in the ability to defeat one side or the other.  Form …

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As popular as V8 swaps have become in Japanese imports these past few years, the benefit cars are usually purpose-built monsters destined for drift events or racetracks. Steve Richardson’s RX-7, however, could easily pass as a stock cruiser, intended more for preservation rather than devastation.  The contrast of an OEM+ exterior with such an unconventional …

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In 2003, as a promotion for the release of the seventh generation Civic, Honda created a series of commercials celebrating the “Civic Nation”. Originally featuring 64 of Southern California’s most aggressively styled Civics, this video seemed to be a sign that Honda was finally ready to accept the massive subculture that had sprung from its …

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