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May 3, 2012

Words By: Andy Carter

[Editorial]: Quality Over Everything


For those of you that really love this scene, who always have cars on the brain, I ask you to remember what made you fall in love with this culture.  For many of you, it was a family member; you recall spending your childhood helping your father turn wrenches, polish wheels, and prepare his car or truck for whatever show or race was next on the calendar.  While my father and grandfathers had a healthy appreciation of automobiles, I don’t think I can necessarily tie my enthusiasm to them though.  For me, I remember sitting in high school, bored to tears, thumbing through an issue of Sport Compact Car my friend had just finished. I had a bone stock 1991 Honda Civic sedan at the time and can recall being amazed at the transformations of cars just like mine that unfolded in the pages of that magazine. The synergy of quality photography and design, engaging articles, and most importantly, the cars themselves, sparked something inside of me that has continued to burn for the past ten years.

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Apr 25, 2012

Photography By: Andy Carter, Chad Lunn, Ethan Watson, Matt Best

Words By: Andy Carter

Welcome to Atlanta: IA Spring Meet and Greet


With the Import Alliance spring meet last Sunday, our friends at Southrnfresh hosted an event at Mainstream Performance on Saturday in an effort to welcome all of the guests to the city. While much smaller than the main IA event, the SF pre-meet is always a perfect time to chill with friends in a much more relaxed atmosphere, while getting an advance look at who the superstars will be at the main event the next day. As always, the meet was a success, pulling in a wide variety of cars from all over the Southeast. Read More

Apr 19, 2012

Photography By: Joshua Hoffman

Words By: Andy Carter

Random Beat: Honda CL350 Cafe Racer


I was browsing Facebook yesterday when the solo image of this bike showed up on my wall, from some of my non-car related friends. I was blown away. I’m by no means a bike enthusiast, but the sleekness of this old Honda CL350 just pushed all the right buttons. Read More

Apr 18, 2012

Photography By: Brendan Lester

Words By: Andy Carter

Unstoppable: Dan Hong’s Immortal Mazda RX-8

Mazda Rx-8

One of the coolest aspects of writing for Canibeat is the chance to feature incredible builds of brand-new, high-end cars. To a lowly nine-to-fiver like myself, the chance to talk with individuals that can go all-out with boutique wheels and aero, kept safe by a full custom air-suspension is appreciated. While one can be tempted to play the envy game, the smaller companies need these people pouring their hard-earned cash into the scene to stay alive. Nevertheless, that song and dance is somewhat daunting and tiresome to the average enthusiast.  When every car featured is a $50,000 two-week build, what’s the point in saving pennies for a shift knob? None of us are strangers to the “life’s not fair” mantra, but the constant reminder of our own need for compromise squashes our passion. Dan Hong is a self-admitted everyman. He knows what it’s like to fight the daily battle against a world dead-set on destroying your pride and joy, with a finite budget. Read More

Mar 30, 2012

Photography By: D.Tek

Words By: Andy Carter

Cruel Intentions: Brendan Hinds’ Audi S5

Stance Audi

We’ve all been there at some time or another. It might be when you picked up a new car off the lot and soaked in that new car smell; or perhaps it was that first quick trip to the grocery store where you were able to speed into the lot, unconcerned about speedbumps, pot-holes, or approach angles. More often than not, the promise is made when one finally finds that car they’ve been searching for, convincing themselves that it’ll do just fine to ride out as the car gods intended: OEM, factory fresh, standard…stock. Brendan Hinds made that promise when he picked up his 2010 S5.  His intentions were to leave the car alone, content with those gorgeous curves and aggressive fascia.  Well, you see how that turned out.

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Mar 29, 2012

Videography By: КВАД Фото-Видео

Words By: Andy Carter

Resto 2103 (Video)

Here’s a video that was posted yesterday by Ukranian videographers КВАД Фото-Видео. We love these old Ladas and are excited to bring you some exclusive features of these cars once the snow melts. Stay tuned!

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Feb 27, 2012

Photography By: Beth Saravo

Words By: Andy Carter

Pushing Forward: Lester Bracero’s Static TSX

stanced TSX

2012 is a tough year to be a Honda/Acura enthusiast.  The Civic Si, once the poster-child of the import scene, has become, at best, an also ran.  While the car isn’t terrible, this year’s Civic marks the 12th year of the ~200 hp K-series motor as the heart of Honda performance. The announcement of Acura’s new ILX brought nothing to the table either, sharing the same 2.4L powerplant as its Honda twin (and the TSX seen here).  While the CR-Z should serve as a shot in the arm, the two seater’s hybrid setup brings unwanted cost and complexity, and falls short of what enthusiasts expected from the long-waited CR-X revival.  While there exist some excellent choices in slightly older Hondas and Acuras, the performance and luxury options have changed significantly since import fans first scooped up Integras, Preludes, and Si’s en masse.  Those in the market now have the options of used Evo’s, 350Z’s, WRX’s, and RWD Lexus and Infiniti luxury sedans that offer significantly more performance and status than a TSX, RSX, Accord, TL, or Civic could possibly offer.

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Feb 9, 2012

Photography By: Jordan Chronister

Words By: Andy Carter

Rush Hour: Khai Dinh’s Nissan S14

Nissan S14

When one thinks of the usual car building process, the course of the project can take several months (if funds are available) to multiple decades.  Regardless of whether the car is brand new or a frame-up restoration, there is always the dance of researching parts, carefully making selections, waiting on whatever is inevitably back-ordered to arrive, and eventually finding the time to install, troubleshoot, and dial in all the various pieces. More often than not, many of these projects exist not as a whole cohesive vehicle, but as multiple collections of unopened cardboard boxes, pending eBay deals, and recycled items strewn about a barely organized garage. Completion of a car (if that ever happens) requires a timely, orchestrated effort, thousands of dollars of disposable income, and enough free weekends and longs nights to nearly render one a hermit. Read More

Feb 1, 2012

Photography By: Jordan Donnelly

Words By: Andy Carter

Above & Beyond: Alfonso Octaviano’s 1975 Toyota Celica

old school Celica

There are few experiences as amazing as stepping into a new car. Every sense is stimulated by the freshest in ICE technologies, the sounds of the newest engines, and that oh-so-distinctive, irreplicable new car smell. The cars that are being made today are faster, better-appointed, and more efficient than ever. And yet, the vintage scene is larger than it’s ever been before. Classic muscle car enthusiasts are currently spending tens of thousands of dollars creating Pro-Touring cars out of 35 year old Detroit iron, import fans are hunting down seemingly forgotten Japanese performance models, and wheel companies are re-releasing wheels that five years ago would have been easily found in a junkyard. Every time the scene delivers an unworldly 1000 HP GTR or LF-A, a mint condition Hakosuka or 2000GT rises up from the annals of history to remind us that newer doesn’t exactly mean better.

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Jan 17, 2012

Photography By: Jordan Chronister

Words By: Andy Carter

Storyteller: Kevin Lu’s Nissan Silvia

Nissan Silvia

So how on earth did you end up with this???

Kevin Lu is undoubtedly tired of answering this question. You see, every car has a story. Some cars find their owners in traditional ways; a search on Autotrader or an ad on Craigslist, followed a tedious haggle with a suspiciously friendly salesman or an all-to-eager-to-sell previous owner. One call to the bank, another to the insurance company, and the first chapter is over. This tale repeats itself everyday, all around the world. Except for Kevin Lu. After all, one doesn’t simply stumble upon a JDM performance car rotting away in a derelict used car lot. Finding a car like his Nissan Silvia takes time, money, and a of touch legal….”finesse”. Being insane helps too. Read More