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Mar 30, 2012

Photography By: D.Tek

Words By: Andy Carter

Cruel Intentions: Brendan Hinds’ Audi S5

Stance Audi

We’ve all been there at some time or another. It might be when you picked up a new car off the lot and soaked in that new car smell; or perhaps it was that first quick trip to the grocery store where you were able to speed into the lot, unconcerned about speedbumps, pot-holes, or approach angles. More often than not, the promise is made when one finally finds that car they’ve been searching for, convincing themselves that it’ll do just fine to ride out as the car gods intended: OEM, factory fresh, standard…stock. Brendan Hinds made that promise when he picked up his 2010 S5.  His intentions were to leave the car alone, content with those gorgeous curves and aggressive fascia.  Well, you see how that turned out.

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Mar 29, 2012

Videography By: КВАД Фото-Видео

Words By: Andy Carter

Resto 2103 (Video)

Here’s a video that was posted yesterday by Ukranian videographers КВАД Фото-Видео. We love these old Ladas and are excited to bring you some exclusive features of these cars once the snow melts. Stay tuned!

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Feb 27, 2012

Photography By: Beth Saravo

Words By: Andy Carter

Pushing Forward: Lester Bracero’s Static TSX

stanced TSX

2012 is a tough year to be a Honda/Acura enthusiast.  The Civic Si, once the poster-child of the import scene, has become, at best, an also ran.  While the car isn’t terrible, this year’s Civic marks the 12th year of the ~200 hp K-series motor as the heart of Honda performance. The announcement of Acura’s new ILX brought nothing to the table either, sharing the same 2.4L powerplant as its Honda twin (and the TSX seen here).  While the CR-Z should serve as a shot in the arm, the two seater’s hybrid setup brings unwanted cost and complexity, and falls short of what enthusiasts expected from the long-waited CR-X revival.  While there exist some excellent choices in slightly older Hondas and Acuras, the performance and luxury options have changed significantly since import fans first scooped up Integras, Preludes, and Si’s en masse.  Those in the market now have the options of used Evo’s, 350Z’s, WRX’s, and RWD Lexus and Infiniti luxury sedans that offer significantly more performance and status than a TSX, RSX, Accord, TL, or Civic could possibly offer.

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Feb 9, 2012

Photography By: Jordan Chronister

Words By: Andy Carter

Rush Hour: Khai Dinh’s Nissan S14

Nissan S14

When one thinks of the usual car building process, the course of the project can take several months (if funds are available) to multiple decades.  Regardless of whether the car is brand new or a frame-up restoration, there is always the dance of researching parts, carefully making selections, waiting on whatever is inevitably back-ordered to arrive, and eventually finding the time to install, troubleshoot, and dial in all the various pieces. More often than not, many of these projects exist not as a whole cohesive vehicle, but as multiple collections of unopened cardboard boxes, pending eBay deals, and recycled items strewn about a barely organized garage. Completion of a car (if that ever happens) requires a timely, orchestrated effort, thousands of dollars of disposable income, and enough free weekends and longs nights to nearly render one a hermit. Read More

Feb 1, 2012

Photography By: Jordan Donnelly

Words By: Andy Carter

Above & Beyond: Alfonso Octaviano’s 1975 Toyota Celica

old school Celica

There are few experiences as amazing as stepping into a new car. Every sense is stimulated by the freshest in ICE technologies, the sounds of the newest engines, and that oh-so-distinctive, irreplicable new car smell. The cars that are being made today are faster, better-appointed, and more efficient than ever. And yet, the vintage scene is larger than it’s ever been before. Classic muscle car enthusiasts are currently spending tens of thousands of dollars creating Pro-Touring cars out of 35 year old Detroit iron, import fans are hunting down seemingly forgotten Japanese performance models, and wheel companies are re-releasing wheels that five years ago would have been easily found in a junkyard. Every time the scene delivers an unworldly 1000 HP GTR or LF-A, a mint condition Hakosuka or 2000GT rises up from the annals of history to remind us that newer doesn’t exactly mean better.

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Jan 17, 2012

Photography By: Jordan Chronister

Words By: Andy Carter

Storyteller: Kevin Lu’s Nissan Silvia

Nissan Silvia

So how on earth did you end up with this???

Kevin Lu is undoubtedly tired of answering this question. You see, every car has a story. Some cars find their owners in traditional ways; a search on Autotrader or an ad on Craigslist, followed a tedious haggle with a suspiciously friendly salesman or an all-to-eager-to-sell previous owner. One call to the bank, another to the insurance company, and the first chapter is over. This tale repeats itself everyday, all around the world. Except for Kevin Lu. After all, one doesn’t simply stumble upon a JDM performance car rotting away in a derelict used car lot. Finding a car like his Nissan Silvia takes time, money, and a of touch legal….”finesse”. Being insane helps too. Read More

Jan 10, 2012

Photography By: Quan Dong

Words By: Andy Carter

Wunderbar!: Michael Milano-Picardi’s VIP Mercedes CL500


Influence is a rather interesting phenomenon in automotive culture. There are, on the whole, three major camps: the European, the East Asian, and the North American, each of which has a near unlimited amount of subcultures and movements. While each of the spheres has their own unique aesthetics, individuals are constantly pulling ideas from each other and blending those designs into their own region’s styles. One can look to the American hot-rod culture’s influence on the European air-cooled Volkswagens or the American adoption of the Japanese tuner style.  Eventually these influences get passed around so many times, that they end up coming back to the original source in new ways. For example, the Japanese VIP scene was inspired by the large, classy sedans of Europe.  Japanese tuners were drawn to the imposing characters of cars like the Mercedes S Class and BMW 7 series, and sought to apply those same styling cues to their own domestic sedans, mixing the classy Old World style with the existing shakotan look. Michael Milano-Picardi was inspired by that bippu look and has applied it to his own Mercedes CL500; an American, modifying his European sports coupe in a manner invented by the Japanese for to mimic stately European sedans. Wunderbar! Read More

Dec 24, 2011

Photography By: Ginash George (Synth19 Photo)

Words By: Andy Carter

All Grown Up: Ginash George’s Imola Orange NSX


One of the most fascinating aspects of our slice of automotive culture has been to watch the maturation of the “import tuner”. While acknowledging that there are those who have been modifying imports since the cars first arrived in the states, our scene was largely defined in the first half of the 1990’s by magazines like Sport Compact Car and Super Street. Cars such as the 5th generation Honda Civic and the 2nd generation DSM twins were kings, as most of the iconic 90’s Japanese sports cars heralded today were out of the price range of the average import enthusiast.  These humble starting points, however, created opportunities for truly epic builds. These first generations of our scene built like they had something to prove; because frankly, they did. They were building the economy cars of the time and lacked the acceptance of the mainstream American performance community. Japanese cars were simply rice burners; most true Japanese performance was still out of reach, either economically or geographically. While the Japanese had established performance pedigrees decades prior, those series mostly took place in European or Asian venues.  Our Nascar Nation was not ready to accept that a Honda was anything but an economical way to get from point A to point B.

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Dec 13, 2011

Photography By: Jeremy Alan Glover

Words By: Andy Carter

Rogue Shadow: Tyler Williams’ Ground Breaking Subaru STi

bagged sti

2011 has been a dynamic year for our scene. I’d like to think that if 2009 and 2010 were the years that the Stance scene exploded, this past year was its period of maturation. The builds are more complex, the projects are more varied, and each region (whether in the states or around the world) has developed its own unique style. Whether its the over-the-top VIP builds of Japan, the OEM+ Euro builds of the American Northeast, or the unbelievable Hondas of California, each of the major players have reached levels of style that haven’t really been explored in the import scene before. Additionally, as the scene has matured, many have been wise to explore the roots of lowliness in hot rods and rat rods, and even ventured outside our normal comfort zone into domestic pro-touring cars and West Coast low riders. All that to say, 2011 has been a year about promoting inclusion. Stance, it seems, has graduated from the bastard child of the forums, to an accepted (tolerated?) subset of modern automotive culture. It seems that even a seasoned track nut can finally look at a fitted car and admit that it at least looks cool.

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Nov 21, 2011

Photography By: Ethan Yuen

Words By: Andy Carter

Out of the Ashes: Albert Lee’s VIP Modular GS350


The Hawaiian Islands, for all of their natural beauty and tropical vistas, have a rather tumultuous geological history. Located above a Pacific Ocean hotspot, the islands that form the 50th state were created through a series of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and subsequent erosion. This pattern of destruction and rebirth has allowed the islands to continually turn mountains of magma, ash, and fire into tropical paradises. Albert Lee, a resident of the capital city of  Honolulu, saw his last project, a turboed GS300, burn to the ground after a faulty turbo install. Determined to come back bigger than ever, Albert teamed up with VIP Modular to create this gorgeous VIP Modular GS350.

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