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Dec 25, 2012

Photography By: Zandro Zafra

Words By: Danny Rice

Homecoming: Gene’s 370Z Transformer

widebody 370Z

Here at Canibeat, we take great pleasure in watching cars develop from bare shells to show stoppers.  From motor swaps to pulled fenders to custom interiors, it’s a distinct joy to follow builds and eventually feature these cars we’ve grown to love.  Most cars, however, don’t stay in one state for very long these days and as a result, we love bringing back our “alums” for a Homecoming of sorts and putting their hard work and new modifications back on our homepage for your visual pleasure.

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Dec 9, 2012

Photography By: Jesse Godin

Words By: Danny Rice

Movin’ On Up: Evan Hartwig’s Golf R Beauty

stance golf r (1)

In economics, there is something called Opportunity Cost which is defined as “the benefits you could have received by taking an alternative action.” Put in simpler terms, it is what you missed out on by making a certain choice instead of the other. We experience this in our daily lives from small decisions like where to eat, to larger decisions like…. cars. Evan Harwig is no different, but this feature isn’t about what he missed out on so much as it’s about what he did to realize his dream and get that sweet, sweet taste of what he always wanted deep down. It’s a story about true love and how other options may have been good enough, but not what one REALLY wanted.

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Nov 15, 2012

Photography By: Danny Rice

Words By: Danny Rice

ImportAlliance: Fall Meet 2012 (Nashville, TN)

import alliance coverage

Every year, car enthusiasts from all over the Midwest and East Coast make it a point to put Import Alliance Summer Meet in Nashville, Tennessee on their list of “must attend shows” of the year. It’s hard to find such a huge, comprehensive gathering of JDM, Euro, and Domestic vehicles anywhere else in the nation. Import Alliance’s Spring Meet (held in Atlanta) and Fall Meet (held in Nashville), however, are also creeping into those “must attend” lists as attendance has steadily grown for these events over the last few years and this Fall Meet was no different.

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Jul 20, 2012

Photography By: Danny Rice, Anthony Sundell

Words By: Danny Rice

A Refreshing Look Back: Beatersville Car & Bike Show | Louisville, KY


Throughout each show season and throughout the years, the car scene will undoubtedly become monotonous or “old”. Not because the content of the scene or the cars themselves are boring but because the scenery stays the same. Sure, cars and fads come and go but with the scenes being so close knit (Euro, JDM, etc), you are bound to see the same people and same cars at the shows you attend each year and for years to come. This is one of the best parts of being a gearhead because it allows you to make those lifelong friends and be part of a larger community from all over the country but it can also be frustrating because the scenery can become mundane.

Every year in late May, however, a very unique event occurs in Louisville, KY that provides a breath of fresh air and transports you to a car meet from the mid-20th century where even your most retro clothes look too modern…

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Jul 10, 2012

Photography By: Matt Best

Words By: Matt Best

Black Beauty: Brent Henson’s Honda Accord


“I want people to wonder whether it is static or bagged,” Brent Henson from Chickamauga, Georgia told me. Brent wanted to turn an everyday ’02 Accord into a jaw dropper and he did just that.

When he bought his Accord right out of high school, there were no plans to lower it. However, he noticed friends of his were lowering their cars and he continually saw amazing builds on multiple forums. Slowly but surely, Brent caught the fitment fever and decided to start the process that would eventually bring his Accord to reach the neck breaking status it is today.

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Jul 9, 2012

Photography By: Jeremy Alan Glover

Words By: Jeremy Alan Glover

A Look Back: Eurokracy 2012 (Montreal, Canada)

Eurokracy 2012

The 2012 Edition of Eurokracy took place over the weekend of June 23rd at the Autodrome St Eustache Race Track just outside of Montreal. Last year was the first year of the Canadian Euro show and sadly, it poured rain during the entire event but even with the rain, the event was an overwhelming success. Luckily this year, show go-ers were greeted with beautiful weather and the amount of cars that showed up was well over what was expected.

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Mar 29, 2012

Photography By: Kevin Spanier

Words By: Danny Rice

Water By The Bridge 2012: Waterfront Park in Louisville, KY (3/25/12)

Water By The Bridge 2012

Every year in late March, Grossman Tuning hosts a show marking the beginning of show season on the banks of the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky. What began as a small meet held at their shop in years past has become one of the fastest growing and most anticipated shows in the Midwest.

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Mar 18, 2012

Photography By: Oli Remedi

Words By: Danny Rice

Ultimate Dubs 2012 (UK): Part 2

Ultimate Dubs 2012

The United Kingdom (as well as Europe in general) has long been known for the absolutely ridiculous quality of cars it possesses. Whether its an original Beetle from the 60s or a brand new R8, I can guarantee it’s been done properly and modded to the nines. Not only is the paint and body work usually perfect but they always seem to have some set of amazing wheels and a perfect, fully done interior to finish it off. Ultimate Dubs 2012 put it all on display, showing the world that they take the absolute utmost pride in turning a car into a work of art. Enjoy Part II of our Ultimate Dubs Coverage…. I know we did.

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Mar 13, 2012

Photography By: Jordan Unternaher

Words By: Danny Rice

Drew Dorbritz’s Eos: ConVERTing The Masses

bagged Eos

Let’s be honest: we’ve all referred to convertibles as a “girl’s car” at some point in our lives. Before Miatas were hammered and stanced or before Cabriolets were aired out on RS’s, convertibles were definitely not an enthusiasts car of choice. Sure, there have been a lot of good looking ‘verts over the years (Tyrese’s Eclipse from “2 Fast 2 Furious doesn’t come to mind) but it’s been a while since one has really captured the hearts and attention of the public. Drew Dorbritz, a true and longterm enthusiast himself, decided to take a platform that had been written off and make it a neck breaker… AND HE DID.

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Mar 12, 2012

Photography By: Si Gray

Words By: Si Gray

Ultimate Dubs 2012 (UK): Part 1

Ultimate Dubs 2012

Ultimate Dubs is the UK’s largest Indoor VAG enthusiast’s event and holds as the year opener for the VAG scene. Everyone has had their cars tucked away in garages or body shops over the winter getting ready for this show. Most people are normally pulling an all-nighter on the Friday night or even Saturday morning of the show getting the last finishing touches ready before they make the roadtrip to Telford International Center. This year was no disappointment, with some amazing cars having made the trip to UD from all over.  With an extra hall inside this year, there was even more to feast your eyes over.  As you will see, Rotiform had a big place in this year’s show, with a massive selection of new, and never before seen wheels being debuted. Hope you guys enjoy the coverage!

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