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Feb 6, 2012

Photography By: Brad Sillars

Words By: Brad Sillars

Brad Sillars Presents: Cherry and Lauren


I’ve been following Canibeat for some time now, so when the girls told me about this project and asked me to shoot I was all about it. Cherry, Lauren and I had been trying to plan a shoot but with me being in Chicago and them being 3hrs away the logistics didn’t always work out as a lot of my shooting is done last minute. My take on the project was that Canibeat wanted some snaps of these lovely ladies wearing their swag. So I figured I’d find a location and a prop car and we’d rock it out. The morning of the shoot our preferred (indoor) location fell through, but the girls were on their way and my prop car was good to go – I’ll take 2/3 any day.

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Oct 18, 2011

Photography By: Matt Nugent

Words By: Matt Nugent

H20i 2011 Coverage: You Have to Go Next Year! (Part 4)

h20i 2011 coverage

Even with rain forecasted for the last weekend of September, the excitement of many VW and Audi owners was not dampened. The light rain and grey skies all weekend didn’t hold many back from cruising Coastal Highway and spending time in the Convention Center parking lot talking and hanging out. H2O International is one of those events that is unlike any other around; it is not focused around the main show on Sunday but events and meets going on throughout the whole weekend up and down Coastal Highway. What started as an event for VW’s and Audi’s has quickly seen the rise of other cars including everything from clean, stanced BMW’s to a bagged Subaru and even a few fitted Hondas. The variety of cars seems to be getting larger each year and this year definitely saw the largest attendance in non-VAG cars to date. The show on Sunday, even at a new location which was smaller than the old location at Ocean Downs, saw no decline in the quality of cars from years past. While strolling through the club parking and vendor area, there was always something see.  Even with the less than ideal weather, I still look forward to this show every year and cannot wait to see the cars people have been waiting to reveal in Ocean City. If you did not attend H2O International this year, you definitely missed out.  All I have to say is… YOU HAVE TO GO NEXT YEAR!

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Oct 12, 2011

Photography By: Rodolfo Lamaestra

Words By: Danny Rice

H20i 2011 Coverage: The Show Goes On (Part 3)

h20i 2011

It’s sometimes forgotten, amidst all the craziness that happens up and down The Strip in Ocean City from sunrise to sunset, that the weekend culminates in one main event: H2O International, the show.  Sure, we show up for the multitudes of mini-meets, burnouts, red light challenges and general tom-foolery (yea, I said it) that happens during the weekend but we still look forward to Sunday, when all of the cars we saw cruising or haven’t seen yet in person are gathered in one spot. It’s a time where new trends (both good and bad) and modifications that border on inconceivable are on full display as fellow enthusiasts park together, pop their hoods, polish their wheels and quick detail their paint to show off all their hard work or ongoing projects. The new venue this year, although smaller and tighter than Ocean Downs, proved to be an intimate atmosphere with an easy flow around the main circle where the sponsors and vendors brought the fire with new products and tempting merchandise. All in all, the show was a great way to finish the weekend: all together as one big family, surrounded by the cars we love…

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