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Jan 22, 2014

Photography By: Ethan Watson

Words By: Mike Meszaros

The Beast From the East: George Ollie’s 2000 Integra Type R


For a lucky few people in the state of Florida they’ve had the chance to meet George Ollie. Whether it was at a car meet or a grill and chill in Orlando, Mr. Ollie is not one that is soon forgotten about. Typically sporting a black t-shirt, khaki shorts, and a hat George is one that is always down to bring fun to any event. If you know George and his back story then you’d know he hails from Seattle, Washington which sort of contradicts the title but make no mistake George came from the west but he was raised in east. Yes, the misty state of Washington may have been the place where he met his beloved Type R but it was in the Sunshine State where the love affair caught new fire and gave way to the current, aggressive state of this Honda.

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Jan 18, 2014

Photography By: Alex Dahl

Words By: Rob Sikes

Awaiting Game : Steve Caetano’s Audi A4


Bone Stock…Daily Driver…Not your typical words to describe a multi-time “Best of Show” European show car, but that’s what Steven Caetano’s original intention was with his Brilliant Black 2008 Audi A4.

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Jan 9, 2014

Photography By: Ethan Watson

Words By: Ethan Watson

Custom Crafted: Austin Morris’ Honda Ruckus


Almost immediately after Austin bought his Ruckus, he brought it over to the Box Bros Garage to show it off. Fully stock at the time, ideas of how to modify it were quickly tossed about. “Red frame, black wheels” said one, “Black with gold components” said another. However, Austin already had an idea; “How about classy. Cream frame, brown diamond stitch seat and white walls.”  The excitement elevated and within weeks Austin had already ordered a long list of parts to begin his build.
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Dec 25, 2013

Photography By: Mark Anthony

Words By: Ethan Watson

Wallpaper Wednesday : Sammy Alarcon’s 2008 Honda Civic Si

IMG_7141 copy

Merry Christmas! This week we bring you Sammy Alarcon’s 2008 Honda Civic Si, shot by Mark Anthony.
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Dec 4, 2013

Photography By: Patrick Lauder

Words By: Ethan Watson

Wallpaper Wednesday : Scott Rath’s 2014 Mustang GT


This Wallpaper Wednesday we show off Scott Rath’s Bagged Mustang, shot by Patrick Lauder.
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Nov 14, 2013

Photography By: Ethan Watson

Words By: Ethan Watson

Beyond Bold: Brian Carter’s Rocket Bunny S13 240sx


In the past a Nissan 240sx would come to mind as gutted, LS swapped, and pouring smoke off the rear tires as it slides around the horseshoe at Road Atlanta. A track beast, sure, but not a quite like this. Brian’s S13 completely changed my outlook on modified 240s, taking a different and bold route to turn this car into something unexpected.
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Nov 13, 2013

Photography By: Chris Sempek

Words By: Chris Sempek

Wallpaper Wednesday : Devin Larson’s Audi S4


Today’s wallpaper Wednesday looks back at H2Oi and the infamous static Hoodrich S4 belonging to Devin Larson. H2Oi was a great way for photographers and car owners to meet up that other wise would be a few states apart.
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Nov 6, 2013

Photography By: Patrick Lauder

Words By: Ethan Watson

Wallpaper Wednesday : Tommy’s AMG CLS63


These new wallpapers showcase Tommy’s AMG CLS63, shot by Patrick Lauder.
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Oct 30, 2013

Photography By: Kyle Del Rosario

Words By: Ethan Watson

Wallpaper Wednesday : Kyle’s E30 & Ramil’s Civic


This Wednesday, we bring you Kyle Del Rosario’s 1990 E30 along with Ramil Ocampo’s 2012 civic si.
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Oct 29, 2013

Photography By: Jayce Visuals

Words By: David Monzingo

Stand Out Style: Josh LaPointe’s 2005 Nissan 350z Roadster


We can all reminisce about our dream cars from the fringe of adolescence. Whether it be an old Porsche 911, or a Chevy Camaro, we have all had visions of one day owning the car we put in the highest of regards. Josh LaPointe, being an avid Nissan enthusiast, was forced to decide whether to invest in a motor rebuild after an unfortunate boost spike on his 200SX SE-R project, or move on and acquire the dream car of his high school years, a Nissan 350z.

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