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Jun 24, 2014

Photography By: James Baxter, Marcus Cooke

Words By: James Baxter

Wrong Fitment Fest 2 (Oceanside, CA): Official Coverage


Last year Wrong Fitment Crew threw its first annual “Wrong Fitment Fest.” They held this event as a big meet instead of an official show, just a big hang out for everyone who wanted to come. This meet is about good times, good hangs, checking out some awesome cars, catching up with a bunch of good friends, and of course making new friends. Wrong Fitment Fest takes place in beautiful Oceanside, California, which was a nice break from the one hundred plus temperatures most of us are use to in the Valley.

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Jun 2, 2014

Photography By: James Baxter, Mark Anthony

Words By: James Baxter

WEKFEST LA 2014 (Long Beach, CA): Official Coverage


Most enthusiasts in our community will agree that  believe that WekFest Long Beach is the first real big show of the season; a place for many to unveil their projects, their changes… everything. People spend months and months preparing for this show, and drive from other states just to attend. #WekfestPrep takes over social media in the weeks prior as many scramble to finish their builds. Ultimately, however, Wekfest is all about enjoying the day, hanging out with friends, gazing on the completed builds, and enjoying the amazing weather right in beautiful Long Beach, California.

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Apr 22, 2014

Photography By: James Baxter

Words By: James Baxter, Josh Davis

Formula Drift 2014 Round One: Streets of Long Beach


This year’s Formula Drift season kicked off with a bang on the streets of Long Beach, California. Returning competitors were looking to start their season off with a podium, and rookies were looking to make their mark. This may be the first stop on the Formula Drift schedule but it is by no means the easiest. The course at Long Beach is tight and unforgiving, one mistake will put you into a wall at high speeds. Personally this is one of my favorite tracks, with loads of close tandems and wall taps the energy and excitement is explosive. This year wasn’t any different — great battles and numerous crashes, among other things, that provided a great taste of what the rest of the 2014 season will bring.

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Aug 21, 2013

Photography By: Kevin Chow

Words By: Josh Wilson

Vintage Auto Salon 2013 (San Leandro, California)


Any car enthusiast knows that when it comes to vintage cars, no matter their country of origin, that California is home to some of the cleanest and most quality builds out there. In a region that a vintage car laughs at the idea of a harsh winter, these relics are in a safe haven to be preserved and enjoyed on a frequent basis. On August 10th, Kevin Chow made it out to the Vintage Auto Salon for Canibeat and as always found some beautiful examples of Vintage JDM chassis. Make sure to sit back, relax and absorb these stunning rarities of years past.

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Jun 18, 2013

Photography By: Ethan Watson

Words By: Ethan Watson

BMWVariation: Three Takes on the Ultimate Driving Machine


When it comes to German engineering, BMW has become a household name over the years after creating a myriad of iconic chassis. What started as planes, evolved into motorcycles and automobiles during the post war era. The slogan of “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, which BMW adopted over the years has been proven time and time again especially when it comes to the “M” branch of BMW. No matter the decade a BMW comes from, they are known for being clean and elegant but at the same time, when unleashed, they turn into a whole other beast. Nick D’Andria, Kacper Krajewski and Antoine Spignardo have created their own unique takes on three of BMW’s more popular chassis, taking already amazing machines, and making even more breath-taking than before.
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Mar 22, 2013

Photography By: Ignatius McCarthy

Words By: Ignatius McCarthy, Cristian Loza

A Look Back: Golden Gardens Meet (Seattle, WA): 3/9/13


For those that dont know the Pacific Northwest is not known for having the best weather (it rains here A LOT!). This past weekend the clouds cleared up and we had the nicest weather of the year thus far. It was actually warm and sunny for once and everyone took full advantage of it! Luckily it was the same day as the first meet of the year put on by the guys of Mike Tolliver @ Stancewars and NW-Built. They both organize many shows and meets throughout the year that always bring out the best from all over the PNW.

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Nov 15, 2011

Photography By: Matthew Jones

Words By: Matthew Jones

Lexus IS 300: Not So Orden-ary

IS 300

If you’re an avid Canibeat reader – I’m sure you’re more than aware of Easton’s IS 300, maybe even remember it from my LWA Crew post a few months ago or “liked” it on a “Coming Soon” post from Cib’s Facebook. Well – Since Easton’s car has already been featured on Canibeat with a previous set of wheels – I figured we could go a different direction and instead of talking about how amazing his fitment is and how beautiful his 19″ Leon Hardiritt Ordens are, we could focus on the issue of how this young buck has managed to slip on his 5th set of authentic JDM wheels while ballin’ on a college budget.

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Nov 10, 2011

Photography By: Matthew Jones

Words By: Josh Wilson

Official Sema 2011 Coverage

SEMA 2011

When you go to the carnival or fair as a little tyke, you walk into the entrance, and as you pass the gate you become over-welmed with the pure craziness going on; well Sema has become a car enthusiast’s dream carnival. As Matt and I walked into the doors of the Las Vegas Convention Center, we saw rows upon rows of cars, trucks and everything to make them perform even better than they did off the assembly line. The 2011 Sema was Matt and I’s first, and words cannot describe how huge Sema truly is.

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Oct 22, 2011

Photography By: Matthew Jones, Jeshua Wood

Words By: Matthew Jones

Wekfest Texas Coverage (Ft. Worth, TX October 15, 2011)

wekfest texas coverage

Have you ever noticed how a simple car meet seems to have the ability to provide the entire attending population with a complete escape from the real world? Everyone and everything, working in complete harmony for a common passion. Though, It seems all too often the universe gets us tied up with the stresses of real life. For me, these feelings are all too familiar. After earning my BFA in June I have been diligently working to support myself as a freelance photographer….so lets be real, I copped my first valet job. And after running through levels and levels of parking decks to bring Usher his 4 dr Porsche for a half hearted R&B tip, I knew Wekfest Dallas would be the perfect antidote to relieve this tension from my shoulders.

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Nov 9, 2010

SEMA 2010

Photography and Words by Matt Chandler for Canibeat.com

Sema 2010!!!

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