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Feb 9, 2012

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Elegant Stance: Ferrari California on HRE Wheels

stanced_hre_ferrari_california (1)

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted and some of you may think I died or something along those lines, but no worries, I’m back and I’ve brought along with me a pretty unique feature that we all don’t see that often. First off I want to thank all the supporters of Canibeat and those who appreciate my photography efforts. I never knew that many of you would recognize my work when we posted a status on our Facebook fan page asking who your favorite photographers were. Truth be told, while reading the responses, I was truly overwhelm with joy when I read my name. I felt that this feature would be a perfect come back post. Read More

Jan 8, 2012

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

The Return of Vader: Black on Black BMW 335i

bmw_335i (11)

As the new year comes along, new builds will appear here and there. Most of the time we feature rides once, however, there are builds that are worth mentioning more than once. This is the third time we are introducing Alan’s clean black on black BMW 335i coupe. This time it’s back with a brand new interior and engine bay. This bad boy is part of the worldwide car group, EuroProjektz. The sole goal of EuroProjektz is to increase the influence of European car builds to the show circuit. This 335i is here to prove that not all show cars need to be over the top. Sometimes there are finer details that are missed. This is a build we wouldn’t mind following until the end. Read More

Jan 4, 2012

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Random Beat: A Baby Blue GT-R That Isn’t So Baby


A baby blue colored Nissan GT-R isn’t something you see everyday and it isn’t something you’d see on a beast of a car. Don’t let the color fool you though as this car is tracked and before you say something about the wing, it’s not just about looks, it’s functional. Read More

Dec 20, 2011

Photography By: David Tormey, John Zhang, Marcus Cooke, Paul Authur

Words By: John Zhang

AutoCon 2011: A Look Back

autocon_2011 (101)

As the year ends, another season of shows will end with it. To close out 2011, we present our Autocon coverage for you. The event, along with the turn out, was much larger than last year. We were excited to use that opportunity to booth for the first time on the West Coast. Organized as a charity event, the show was a great experience for us, and we enjoyed meeting everyone. We’d like to thank the Royal Origin guys for coming out to show at our booth with their quality cars and hilarious entertainment throughout the day. Four different photographers covered Autocon for us just to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Enjoy, and we hope to see you next year! Read More

Dec 11, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Random Beat: Toyota Tundra With Volk TE37’s


Here’s something we don’t see everyday. A truck sitting on some aftermarket JDM wheels. In this case it’s a new Toyota Tundra on some 18″ bronze TE37 wheels that just came in straight from Japan. Must be nice to drive a styled trailer truck to the track. Read More

Nov 26, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Random Beat: JDM Garage


For those of you who attended SEMA a while back should recognize this photo. If not, then this was just a shoot of some JDM cars from southern California. It’s pretty rare to get all these cars to show up all together so we made it happen. From left to right is a Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi Evo X, Acura NSX (Veilside inspired), Mazda Speed3, Nissan 370z. Read More

Nov 19, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Tracked and Wrapped: Ricky’s Performance Nissan GT-R

nissan_gtr_r35 (16)

There’s always a reason behind why we love cars and why we modify them. Depending on the person, some will go for show while others will go for a car that can perform. No matter what type of person you are we all share one common interest that brings us together and that is we all love modifying our cars. Ricky, the owner of this GT-R, decided to go the track and performance route for his build. Ricky is not a newbie when it comes to building functional track-ready cars, his whole garage only consists of track-ready cars. You might remember his red BMW M3 that I posted a while back. Yup, this is the same owner. Read More

Nov 16, 2011

Photography By: Tony Lin

Words By: John Zhang

One Love: One Serious 1-Series Hatch From China

1-series_hatch_china (15)

It’s always a huge plus when we feature cars that are not typically modified in the scene, but it makes it even more special when it’s from a different parts of the world. It’s one of those cars like the recently re-released VW Scirocco that we in the states can only see and admire online but not enjoy it in person everyday. Since we are an international car blog we are fortunate enough to to feature Tony Lin’s unique BMW 120i hatch straight from the south of China. Read More

Nov 11, 2011

Photography By: Paul Arthur, John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Autocon 2011 Preview: Are YOU Ready?


When the organizers of Autocon approached us this year to ask if we’d be able to attend Autocon 2011, we promised we would. Since last year was such a huge success for them and we wanted to contribute to making the show even better. So this year, instead of just promising coverage, we have decided to show. It will be our first official west coast show that we will be attending as a major vendor. How can we forget about our west coast fans let alone resist a good children’s’ charity car event? It’s going to be one exciting event! Are YOU ready? Read More

Nov 8, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang, Marcus Cooke

Words By: Josh Wilson

West Coast Flavor: Two of our Staff Showing off Their “Cali Swag”


Back in 2009 when Canibeat.com was officially born, it was heavily located in the East Coast. Slowly over time though, our staff has grown nationwide and now includes two very skilled photographers out of California – John Zhang and Marcus Cooke. Not only do these guys have a tremendous amount of talent behind a camera but they also have two daily-drivers with some serious style or as John would put it some “Cali Swag”.

Read More