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Oct 29, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Random Beat: BMW M3 On The Pier


It’s always nice to see a mix of styles when it comes to modifying cars. In this case this clean BMW M3 sedan is seen on Weds Sport SA-55M. From a third person’s perspective, the BMW community is often viewed as purists. However, in recently years there has been a slight shift amongst a portion of the BMW community and we have been witnessing more and more enthuisats embrace and incorporate other styles with their BMWs. In this case it’s European meets JDM. Read More

Oct 19, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Formula DRIFT Round 7 TITLE FIGHT Championship Part 1

formula_drift_ (38)

Another Round 7 another year. It’s been more than a few years since Formula Drift was first introduced in the US. It really has been a long time coming. Since the beginning of the 2011 season, we’ve watched pro drifters and their cars transform and improve. We’ve also seen underdogs ousting top contenders for the highly sought after podium spots. Round after round, we’ve watched it all unfold. It’s been an exciting year and we can safely assume that next season will be even better than 2011. Since the excitement has ended we can all reminisce on how Round 7 played out and how the season ended overall. All we can say is that Round 7 was the best of them. This will be part one of two from our Formula Drift Round 7 TITLE FIGHT Qualifying and Championship coverage. If over 500 photos in this post alone isn’t enough for you, then we don’t know what is. Read More

Oct 10, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Blurple: Why? Because Showcar


First of all let’s just get this out of the way, this is a show car. What is a show car you may ask? A true show car forgets everything function and embraces everything form. Show cars are made to look good and grab attention whether it may be good or bad attention. This 2007 BMW 335i, also known as ‘Blurple’ online and at shows, is a show car. The whole purpose of it is to stand out at shows. Why? Because showcar. Read More

Oct 8, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Formula DRIFT Round 7 TITLE FIGHT Championship (Preview)

formula_d_round_7 (15)

As this season of Formula Drift comes to an end, we’re gearing up to post up coverage as soon as possible for those of you who can not attend. Here are some unedited photos from today’s qualifying rounds. Stay tuned for full coverage, edited photos and more updates on Formula D Round 7 Title fight. Read More

Oct 3, 2011

Photography By: Gabriel Yang

Words By: Josh Wilson

Stanced Honda Prelude: Refreshing

stanced prelude

The BB Prelude chassis seems to have become a forgotten chassis when people talk about Hondas. You see Civics, Integras and even some Accords are plastered across the internet everywhere you look. But you rarely see a Prelude, and done right I might add, when you are looking through the pages and pages of photo-shoots. Sure some come to mind but not nearly as many as the previously mentioned but never fear Canibeat is here to add one more Prelude to your memory bank of BB’s to mention next time you and your buddies are talking shop.

Read More

Oct 2, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

LTBMW : End of Summer Meet


It’s been a while since the guys at LTBMW put on an event so what better way to end the summer by having one right? Plenty of BMW’s showed up as usual just like any LTBMW meet. It could be considered one of the largest California or even west coast gatherings of BMW’s (the largest being the annual Bimmerfest). This event wasn’t just all about Bimmers though as not only did other Euros show up but there was even a strong showing from the JDM and VIP scenes.  It just goes to show that true car enthusiasts can except all kinds of cars and makes. Read More

Oct 1, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Wrong Fitment Crew: Summer’s End Meet


I’ve been around the car scene for a while now and I can honestly say I’ve never felt more welcomed at a meet than Wrong Fitment Crew’s Summer’s End Meet. It was my first time at a Wrong Fitment Crew meet and it felt as if I had known everyone for years. Granted I do lurk the forums quite a bit, I never knew that a variety of car enthusiasts could get along so well. I guess if you look deeper into the whole reasoning behind the creation of Wrong Fitment Crew, you’d understand. It’s all about the love for, well, wrong fitment. It doesn’t matter what car you drive or the make(s) you prefer, it’s all love and everyone’s welcome. Read More

Sep 25, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Random Beat: Canibeat Stanceboard Edition

canibeat_skateboard (5)

We’ve been pretty busy lately covering local events and while I was covering a local BMW meet yesterday, I happened to walk by a group of guys who were skating around on this modified skateboard. This was the first time I’ve seen one of these in person and while I’ve seen a few online, seeing it in person made me realize just how awesome these boards are. Read More

Sep 16, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Japanese Classic Car Show 2011

japanese-classic-car-show-2011-jccs (1)

The Japanese Classic Car Show is one of those annual events you really don’t want to miss. It’s one of those events that is not subject to a certain age range, style, or enthusiast. Everyone and anyone can enjoy JCCS simply due to the fact that the rare cars, bikes, and “relics” displayed are part of history. If the Natural History Museum was a car show, JCCS would be it. We can really take a look and marvel at how these classic JDM cars have evolved and transformed into their modern day counterparts. All of them have played an extremely crucial part in contributing something to the car industry as we know it. Some technology dating back to the 60’s and 70’s is still being installed onto the cars we drive today. It’s simply amazing being able to appreciate shows like these. Read More

Sep 8, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Red Ridin’: BMW M3 Coupe

red-bmw-coupe-m3-e92 (7)

It’s not often that we run a feature that doesn’t have too many modifications. This sleeper BMW M3 coupe owned by Ricky is one exception. Almost all the modifications on this car can be seen right from the photos. That’s right, all his modifications are exterior and interior except for an x-pipe under the car. However, all these additions to the car are not just for looks. These modifications have a track purpose for Ricky who spends most his weekends driving his car on the track. He is a true track junkie whose goal is to make the best out of a relatively stock car. Read More