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Aug 29, 2011

Photography By: Julian Morales

Words By: John Zhang

Code Name: Eau Rouge

red-toyota-supra (12)

It’s not too often that we chance upon a car that has been modified so much that it’s had pretty much everything done to it. The guys at SP-Engineering built this beastly 1995 Toyota Supra turbo for Ken Henderson and was kind enough to share it with everyone. Almost every piece of this car has been modified while keeping the car’s body in original shape and form. Read on to see what this ongoing project car, code named “Eau Rouge”, is made of. Read More

Aug 25, 2011

Photography By: Noel Barnum, John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Motion Auto Show 2011

Motion Auto Show 2011 (1)

In Southern California, the car scene never stops. Every other weekend there will be a car show and in between there will be a few car meets. Although everyone is familiar with the cars, it’s usually the type of car show and organization behind it that attracts the crowd. So far this year, SPOCOM 2011 and Motion Auto Show 2011 were probably the best all around car shows. Shows like these not only included cars, but also had models, lifestyle and just the general SOCAL car culture all under a convention center roof. It’s car shows like these that you don’t want to miss and what makes the socal car scene what it is. If you are not already familiar with the SOCAL car scene, then you should really read on. And for the rest of you, enjoy our Motion Auto Show 2011 coverage.  Read More

Aug 24, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

The Ladies of Motion Auto Show 2011

motion-auto-show-2011 (24)

A few of us made it out to the Motion Auto Show in Long Beach, California this past weekend. It was a great and very well-organized event. Here are some model photos from the event. The rest of the coverage will come as soon as we finish editing. Stay tuned and enjoy. Read More

Aug 22, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Random Beat: The Big Bad Wolf Is Scared (Preview)


Here’s a shot of an upcoming preview we have for you. It’s a functional track-oriented BMW M3. Be ready for more. Read More

Aug 19, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Nisei Week Showoff Car Show 2011

nisei_ car_showoff_2011_0

This past weekend I attended Nisei Week Showoff Car Show 2011. The quality of turn was great last year so I knew that it would be just as great if not better this year. What makes the Nisei car show so enticing is the selection of JDM (and a few Euro) cars that show. If you like clean JDM and VIP style cars this is the show to attend.
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Aug 15, 2011

Photography By: Rodolfo Lamaestra

Words By: John Zhang

Bimmerfest East 2011 (Aberdeen, MD)


For those of you who don’t know, Bimmerfest is a BMW enthusiast event held every year that began out in California and has grown tremendously. This year Bimmerfest finally decided to come to the east coast after the annual show in Southern California. There were plenty of nice cars but the ones that stood out were Active Autowerke’s lime green M3, the Vorsteiner Widebody rally car, Turner Motorsports’ track cars and a couple Stanceworks cars. This is Bimmerfest East 2011 from Aberdeen, Maryland… enjoy!

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Aug 13, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Random Beat: Frankenstein Returns

Darrens Frankenstein BMW E90 LCI Version 2

In case you didn’t know, this is a BMW 335i LCI E90 sedan that has been converted to a BMW M3 E92 modified coupe front end with a M3 E90 sedan rear end. Then it got repainted in a Porsche GT3 RS Gray theme. We featured this car before, but this time he got some more track related bits and pieces. Stay tuned in the near future for a full feature yet again.

Aug 10, 2011

Photography By: Marcus Cooke, John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

SPOCOM Anaheim 2011


Last weekend Marcus and I both attended SPOCOM in Anahiem at the Anaheim Convention Center. SPOCOM is not only a car show, but also a model convention too which is why my last post was an all models post. We thought that the quality of cars that attended were phenomenal and wish we could of captured everything . Cars from out of state such as Texas and Nevada came to show too. Quality builds were everywhere in Anaheim last weekend! Read More

Aug 7, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

The Ladies of SPOCOM

spocom_models (10)

Here at Canibeat we’re not just all about the cars. We’re about the culture and lifestyle too. I thought that while you guys wait for our official Spocom coverage I’d post these model photos up for your viewing pleasure. These model photos are from our SPOCOM Anahiem coverage. The rest of the coverage will be up soon, so check back and stay tuned. Enjoy. Read More

Aug 4, 2011

Photography By: John Zhang, Paul Arthur

Words By: John Zhang

Big Socal Euro Gathering 2011

Socal Euro 2011 by John Zhang & Paul Arthur

Last weekend was the Big Socal Euro Gathering 2011 that was being held in San Diego at the Qualcomm Stadium. It was a 2.5 hour trip for me, but being in a caravan made the trip a little more enjoyable. If I was to sum up the event, the main photo above sums it up pretty well. All Euro makes were in attendance. From timeless classics to modern JDM, a wide variety of cars showed up. Read More