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Jan 10, 2013

USDM FREAX Vol.5 (Canibeat & First Class Fitment 2012 Issue): Pre-orders!


We have a special treat for all of our US based viewers! As some of you may heard our friends over at USDM FREAX are doing a special edition featuring yours truly Canibeat.com! Our friends over in japan helped cover our First Class Fitment 2012 show and interviewed our staff (Cristian, Roy & Dave) while they were here.

Due to this being a Japanese publication it might be a tad difficult to find a copy locally so we have worked things out with USDM FREAX to help get all of our fans issues! Simply head on over to our store and purchase a pre-order of the magazine and the moment we get our shipment in we will forward you an issue!

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Feb 28, 2012

Photography By: Brad Sillars

Words By: Brad Sillars

Well Worth The Trip: Mike D’s Twin Turbo Z32

Stanced Z32

Last weekend myself and a crew of Chicago photo junkies descended upon San Francisco for Wekfest. While there we couldn’t help but take the opportunity to spend time with some of the quality cars the area had to offer. My goal was pretty basic: shoot a nicely done up Z32. And I’ll be damned if Mike D’s twin turbo Z didn’t exceed well above and beyond any of my expectations.

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Sep 16, 2011

Photography By: Paul Arthur

Words By: Josh Wilson

Slammed S2000: Humble Beginning

Slammed S2000 Humble Beginning

When turning 16 most of have memories of beat-up cars or cars that you would try hiding in when you drove around to start with. Of course we drove them around like race cars and thought we were hot sh*t (you know you did so don’t lie). But as the years started to go by we slowly worked our ways to cars that were something we were pleased with. Erick Wei is one of those guys that just kept moving forward. He started his driving life with a 92 Civic that was an autotragic but has worked his way to this fine Honda S2000 that graces your screen today. Read More

Sep 13, 2011

Photography By: Andy Parra

Words By: Josh Wilson

Turbo tC: Never Enough

Never Enough Turbo tC

Glor Delisio and her Turbo Scion tC have ventured on a journey that many car enthusiasts in the pursuit of “just a little more “ have been on. It starts with a few bolt ons but by the end you have gotten to where pretty much everything on the car has been tweaked, modded, or flat out replaced. Even then, you sit there looking at your car thinking about what you are going to do next because of that one minute detail. Read More

Aug 18, 2011

Photography By: Vadim Dusman

Words By: Josh Wilson

Mazda from Ukraine: Going Low and Wide Abroad

Stanced Mazda 3

The Stance Movement is something that seems to be growing everywhere these days. In the states, it pops up in pretty much every conversation about import cars. It’s most likely the first thing the majority of the people in the scene look at. Well this epidemic has started spreading across the globe and recently has started to hit the Ukraine; home to Yevgeniy Kovalchuk and his clean Mazda 3.

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Aug 3, 2011

Photography By: Rick Lee

Words By: Josh Wilson

Derek’s Widebody S2000: Tailored to Fit

Widebody S2000 titled "Tailored To Fit"

I am rarely a fan of wide bodied cars as normally they seem to not fit the lines of the original styling. They also make me think of the “Fast and the Furious” days where people were throwing wide body kits on everything with wheels but Derek Covington’s Widebody S2000 is definitely one of those rare cars that come along and make me rethink my stand on them. Read More

Jul 26, 2011

Photography By: Bobby Wharton

Words By: Josh Wilson

True JDM: Matt’s Inspirational Glass Top Mugen CRX

Mugen CRX SiR Glass Top with Mugen Pro.2 and Advan wheels.

JDM. This is one term that is thrown around like a girl’s rag doll. It’s worshipped and ridiculed. Everyone builds cars that are to replicate a true JDM car but for Matt Ye replicating just wasn’t enough. Being the Owner of ICB Motorsport, Matt just had to build a car that would truly represent the JDM style. What he would come to build is a car that is one-of-a-kind and not because of some loud colors, rust finish or custom body work. Read More

Jul 20, 2011

Photography By: Mitesh Tailor

Words By: Josh Wilson

Sittin’ Pretty: DC2 Integra


Integras, in the past, use to be a highly sought after car for a lot of the Honda crowd but as the years have gone on and since the Integra was discontinued it has slowly faded away. Occasionally you will catch a shot of one that will make you question why people jumped to the more recent chassis’ and Peter Fyson’s (aka Fyse) Type R is one of those very cars. Read More

Jul 15, 2011

Photography By: Rick Lee

Words By: Andy Carter

Drop Top Gorgeous


If you’ve been anywhere close to the internet lately, you have surely noticed the explosion of modified S2000’s around the globe. Regardless of whether it’s sporting crazy fitment or a seemingly impossible swap, Honda’s millennium roadster is everywhere you look. And why should it not be? As the only truly accessible rear-wheel-drive Honda, the S2000 is the logical step-up for most Honda performance enthusiasts (provided you can squeeze into the tiny cabin). The problem with popularity, however, is figuring out a way to stand out amongst the crowd. When even carbon hardtops seem to be a dime a dozen, owners have to look further than their wallets to give their roadster its own identity. Read More

May 31, 2011

Buzz Kill: Fred Saez’s Ginster Yellow MKIII GTI

Photography & Words by Jordan Unternaher for Canibeat.com

As a photographer and car enthusiast, there isn’t much more that I could have asked for than the opportunity to shoot one of the most iconic MK3 GTIs in the VW Scene. Probably always remembered as the “Killer BFI” car this insanely fresh Ginster Yellow ’98 2.0T GTI has landed in the hands of Fred Saez, of New Jersey. Since purchasing the car Fred has made some changes to make the car his own, but a lot of the same parts that Black Forest Industries installed are still equipped to this day. Enjoy guys!

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