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Drift Cars

May 19, 2014

Photography By: Ethan Watson, Faiz Rahman

Words By: Ethan Watson

Formula Drift Round 2 : Atlanta


Two years ago I was introduced to my first Formula Drift event in Atlanta.  It was an absolute blast and every year since, I’ve always been stoked to go back. This year was no exception.
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Apr 22, 2014

Photography By: James Baxter

Words By: James Baxter, Josh Davis

Formula Drift 2014 Round One: Streets of Long Beach


This year’s Formula Drift season kicked off with a bang on the streets of Long Beach, California. Returning competitors were looking to start their season off with a podium, and rookies were looking to make their mark. This may be the first stop on the Formula Drift schedule but it is by no means the easiest. The course at Long Beach is tight and unforgiving, one mistake will put you into a wall at high speeds. Personally this is one of my favorite tracks, with loads of close tandems and wall taps the energy and excitement is explosive. This year wasn’t any different — great battles and numerous crashes, among other things, that provided a great taste of what the rest of the 2014 season will bring.

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Apr 9, 2014

Photography By: Patrick Lauder

Words By: Ethan Watson

Wallpaper Wednesday: David Do’s RX7


This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday, we bring you David Do’s Mazda RX7 shot by Patrick Lauder.

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Mar 30, 2014

Photography By: Derrick Mance

Words By: Josh Wilson

A Menace to Society: Scott Waracka’s Drift Inspired S13


Society sees car enthusiasts as misfits and trouble-makers as they constantly smear our community due to street racing, drifting on public roads and car meets that get out of hand. When you think that they would want enthusiasts to seek out safely sanctioned events on closed tracks they have instead worked to close our sanctuaries, and some have even been torn down in place of more “community beneficial” facilities slowly trying to kill our beloved car community.

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Sep 8, 2013

Photography By: Derrick Mance

Words By: Josh Wilson

Born and Bred: Al Ramiscal’s Monumental Toyota Corolla GT-S Kouki


For some, we are raised to eat, sleep and breathe a select manufacture. Usually a father, relative or family friend raise us with this, mashing our heads full of knowledge and breaking down each generation. For Al Ramiscal, it was all about Toyotas from the young age of four when he began to spend time with his uncle who was infected with a love for 72-74 Corollas aka Mangos. From this moment on, Al too would be entranced with the Corolla chassis back in its glory days before its demise to the bland economic sedan it is today.

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Jun 3, 2013

Photography By: Derrick Mance

Words By: Ethan Watson

Paragon: Jesse Gallegos’ Nissan 240sx S13


“Aysuus,” the front of Jesse Gallegos’ Nissan S13 says it all. Filipino for “Wow!”, Aysuus is exactly how I felt when I first saw Jesse’s Silvia.

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Apr 19, 2013

Photography By: Ignatius McCarthy

Words By: Ignatius McCarthy

Slammed Society at Formula D Long Beach 2013 Coverage


This past weekend was the start of the show season in Southern California. Formula Drift had their first round of 2013 in Long Beach, CA and on Saturday, Fatlace organized the Slammed Society car show, which brings together the best of the best in Socal. The Formula Drift series already brings huge crowds of fans, but once you add the Slammed Society Show, it really just makes the day much better. At half time, I tried to enter the car show area but it was impossible to do so with the sheer massive amount of people thinking the same thing as me. Nevertheless, we were able to grab a few shots. I look forward to the next round of Formula Drift and the Slammed Society car shows. Enjoy guys!

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Mar 26, 2013

Photography By: Watson Lu

Words By: Andy Carter

True To Its Roots: Calvin Wan’s D1 Inspired RX7


For anyone that has followed American professional drifting, the evolution from its roots in Japanese imported D1 demos to the spectacle of a modern Formula Drift competition is somewhat bittersweet. While the combination of low weight and big V8 power of today’s cars is undeniably entertaining to watch, there exists a disconnect between the competition cars of today with their more pedestrian relatives filling up the nearby parking lots. And although this disparity is nowhere close to the near-anonymity of NASCAR’s “stock cars”, their relativity for grassroots drifters and fans is diminishing. But with the stands full, is there any reason to try and hold these cars back? Is there value in preserving OEM integrity?

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Feb 6, 2013

Photography By: Matt Best

Words By: Ethan Watson

Wallpaper Wednesday : Ashton William’s Simple S13

IMG_1812 cib

This week we bring you Ashton William’s Nisan Silvia S13 shot by our very own Matt Best.
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Jan 9, 2013

Photography By: Cory Elder

Words By: Mike Meszaros

Built To Slide: Khashaud Parsan’s Nissan 240sx


A lot of cars in the “scene” these days strive for pure function over form. No one really wants to throw expensive wheels, suspension, and lip kits on their car just to thrash it around and ruin what they paid for… that is, until you take a look at the We Drift Crew from Melbourne, Florida. They have been cranking out purpose-built rides for years and their own resident Hot Boi, Khashaud Parsan (aka Camel Style), makes sure to keep the status quo in check. Camel’s 1993 240sx was built with performance in mind and it shows. When looking at this beautiful Nissan, you can instantly tell the car was built to be aggressive, unique and, most of all, proven on the drift track. As an old friend to the car game, Camel has built a few cars and having dabbled in the Nissan scene previously, he knew what he wanted to do.

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